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ParagonX9 - Chaoz Fantasy (8-Bit)

2012-05-21 09:38:49 by ParagonX9

ParagonX9 - Chaoz Fantasy (8-Bit)

Made this 8-bit version a while ago on my parent's computer in Famitracker.
I had to remake the song by ear from my original version because i didn't
have the tools to do it by midi. And besides, doing remakes by ear is way more fun
than simply just take a midi file and assign different samples to it.
All my remixes are done by ear, in case you were wondering.

I wasn't thinking of uploading it here because i was afraid people
would think that an 8-bit version sounds 'cheesy'.
But a few fans requested me to upload it on Newgrounds anyway.
So here it is =]

Thanks! =]

ParagonX9 - Chaoz Fantasy (8-Bit)


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2015-01-15 08:37:33

You got nearly 13,000+ fans to look after.


2015-01-19 13:05:35

This legend is not coming back, but also thinks of other artists who produce very similar music .. try something listen of my production. I tried to remake / remix Judge for and support of my production. http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/602744 ...ParagonX9 was a very good musician, and it's a shame that it was not coming back. My entire childhood, we listened to her best songs and the first madness animation I've ever seen, there played song from ParagonX9. I got better inspiration to create and thank her for the wonderful music will never forget.


2015-02-08 16:42:12

pleese ! come back... we miss You... :,(


2015-02-10 07:00:32

It's perfect!
I looped it..but also a bug came out :( maybe because it was too long looping around.


2015-04-25 14:13:56



2015-05-07 01:23:28

PARAGON IS A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD I've been lied to for years


2015-05-07 01:27:08

Why did she leave? She's the reason I got inspired to make music :/


2015-06-06 10:39:54

And so, Paragon died at the height of her career.


2015-09-28 14:24:08

but really tho, paragonX9 M.I.A.


2015-11-19 12:23:27

Paragon please come back to newgrounds we need your music once more.


2016-05-14 00:13:17

i wanna cum in ur chicken nuget fuck it mcbucket


2016-05-22 06:43:27

R.I.P ParagonX9 on the Internet


2016-06-11 03:36:03

: (


2016-06-11 06:37:50

I almost don't blame paragon for not coming back... but only because they'd have to sort through like 400 pages of reviews...


2016-06-22 18:35:41

What happened to her? ;_;


2017-01-14 21:31:19

I heard someone say that she might of commited suicide during Massacre 2012