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We don't care about any of that we're just glad you're alive and well. Go easy on yourself.

Glad you’re fine.
You created some soundtracks, which created parts of my childhood. Especially soundtracks that were be used by some flash games( thing thing etc..). Also you‘re an legend to me... ;^)
Nice works and keep it up! <1;^3

not gonna lie, i like this beta version a little better then the original.


Love your stuff man!

Your music was always there while my life kept changing. Thank you for that. Don't feel pressured to do anything, the drive will come in its own time. Glad to see you return!

It's okay dude. Your music has helped me through hard times too.
Don't feel pressured to make music, just enjoy yourself.

Whoa! Glad to see you're still around :) Thanks for getting back to the lot of us. I think your legacy has lived on and stood the test of time, unwavering. I still jam out to your tracks every-so often.

Don't worry about having to produce anything for the sake of your fans. Just be good. I too have been going through a rough patch lately which has culled my efforts to write my book rather effectively.

You'll be alright :) What have you been listening to the last little while? Any kind of ear candy that you jam out to?

As said already, glad to hear you are alive and well. Although i miss the original, i think this is a fun refined version, much love from canada.

the return of the king

I looked forward to your return

I hope music production comes to be something you can confidently say you enjoy doing again.

I've been thinking I should restructure my own style and workflow to incorporate less of what I feel hindered by, and just indulge in whatever production aspects and techniques I find engaging. I like designing new sounds from scratch, and filling out soundscapes. I don't like going down a long list of predetermined adjustments I feel I need to make, hacking at sounds until they properly fit together, or awkwardly iterating on already-solid ideas for the sake of filling time. Therefore, I'm… procrastinating. forever. because old habits are hard to break. but. ostensibly. working on a gapless album of short tracks, vaguely related to their neighbors without much internal development, each taking just a couple sessions to knock out.

Perhaps there's something ingrained in your approach that turns you off, which you can afford to allocate less focus to? As broadly as the end goal - like, a project's "completion" isn't necessarily distant, nor on the horizon at all. Hundreds of my files are just footprints from an extensive, ongoing walk through sound. Songs are like rare monuments to views from places I stood, or simpler engravings remarking on the qualities of spaces.

In case anything in it would spark inspiration or intrigue, here's a playlist of songs I feel are "special", often based on sound design or structure. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1SRDIKakE729_8Z2H4YEL-_cKLYXodmy

I hope your life gets to be as dope as I think you are. Your music helped make me the man I am today, by getting me to experience new perspectives. New ways of thinking about what music could be. When I think about beautiful EDM, I think Paragon X9 to this day.

Glad you are okay. I look forward to your return, and I'm touched you are still thinking of us old time fans. I still remember way back when I used to find your music all over the place, and not just in flash games and animations. Hope that happens again some day, because your music always deserved more recognition that it ever seemed to get.

Damn maaan! I'm glad see you here again! I like your music very much!

ROFL is not enough to express what i am feeling right now. Welcome back, Paragon :'c

Oh my god! You're back. I am so happy)

It feels like a new song is coming out soon, I hope...

You are the producer who got me started making music almost 15 years ago. Send me a message let's chat!

Good God, I did not know you decided to drop by.
I do wonder why you did not accept credit as original creator for my two covers of Chaoz Fantasy (one of which was frontpaged).
Anyway, it is good to know that you're alive and well.

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