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I have sources that say you're not a girl.... truth or lies?

Anyway, you have the same B-Day as Pico (Nerdiness :F)

Just to be official, the quote was;
"Your enemy ParagonX9 isn't the REAL music creator. I know that she's taking the credit and not even mentioning him. Can you believe that."

I wasn't talking about you or anything, some random person just came out of the blue.. :P

Aww, so sorry things are going bad. You're still an awesome person! *huggles* <3

We're all sorry that ur computer crash :'(
we all r looking forward to ur next song

This explains everything
well I hope that your hard drive is still in one piece
god knows remaking a song is total bullshit
well I wish you good luck and an early birthday!

I feel your pain =( same thing happend to me. Best of luck though! Cant wait for something new, but take your time =)

Bummer about the ADD... And the song. I got absolutely insane when one of my projects isn't saved and I have to redo bits and pieces. Happy early birthday though!

On a side note...
Apparently I need permission from you to put a YouTube video up for ad revenue. It has Blue Sky in it. Do I have your permission to use it? I could REALLY use some extra cash...

I guess you're not interested in getting promoted in Sweden?

Tough with the ADD btw, I have the same shit.

Need more remixed gaming music! NNauuuuu!!

Awww NOOOO Stupid computers that dont always work for you!. Not you personally i mean't oh you know.

ADD heeft een vriend van me ook :/ hij lijkt soms best stoot..
KUT je nieuwe track is WEG!! NEEEEEEEEeeee
Gefeliciteerd alvast, ik wist dat je 30 april jarig was, weetje wat je krijgt van me?
EEN PENTIUM 5 PC ofzo, ik heb ook net een nieuwe gekocht. ff 600 eurotjes.
Ik wil een collab met je houden. The 2 best audio submitters. Alleen ben ik beter dan jij (jokez)

i will give u tenthousend $$$
if i have tat much

I hope you get better and still thrilling us.

happy b.day early

HAPPPY (early) BIRTHDAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like some bad luck youve had there. But hey, justt keep thinking positive and it will happen =P

i look forward to seeing what ya got in store when you return,

Good Luck

Ps: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to you good sir. If it's any consolation to you my day of birth is April 1st. Yes April Fools day. My computer got a worm on my birthday. Oh happy days. Anyway. Happy Birthday.


Dutch Producers for the win =D,
Oh, im dutch to 0_o

Happy Birthday :D

Hey paragonx9,
gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag, op koninginnedag nog wel :O
veel succes met je muziek, khoor het wel wanneer je weer een nieuwe maakt ;)

Happy Birthday ParagonX9.

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