New Song!

2008-11-25 08:14:05 by ParagonX9

Yesz! Submitted another new song!
It's called 'Metropolis' and it's an 8-Bit style loop!

This is my first attempt at 8-Bit music,
and i think i'll do more of those in the future if you guys like it =]
It definately has that Megaman'ish sound, tho it's NOT a remix! =] /189826

Make sure you also listen to Evil-Dog's cover of metropolis!
(Listen to Evil-Dog's cover)

Thanks for all the comments (I cant reply them all, but I do read them all!)
and for listening/downloading/using my songs!
You guys are the best <3



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2008-11-25 08:43:08

I can see a lot of Mega Man parodies in the future using that song.


2008-11-25 09:28:33

I like it a lot! Thank you!

ParagonX9 responds:



2008-11-25 10:06:04

Awesome song. But i must say that i think your Drum N Bass song a lot better than this. I hope you continue to do more songs like "Chaoz Impact" and "Infiltration" because thats my favourite songs from you. :)

ParagonX9 responds:

Thank you!
And more Chaoz soon ^^


2008-11-25 10:16:56

Ooooh! Interesant. :D


2008-11-25 10:24:20

Damn Strait! epic Retro style music XD woohoo totally continue with this, i actually felt it was from a megaman game like u said.

Dang words cant express the awesomeness uve just created there... XD

ParagonX9 responds:

wowow thank youuu!!!
I think ill do another 8bit track in the future ^^


2008-11-25 13:35:57

Sounding good, as always!


2008-11-25 14:26:41

I'm not a big fan of 8 bit music but it was really good for what it was. It had a really nice flow and no lags. The only problem I have with it is the fact that it is an 8-bit track. If I liked 8-bit this would probably be my favorite audio submission, but sadly no. If a lot of people like this, then I say continue. If 8-bit isn't popular enough you should quit.


2008-11-25 16:20:14


ParagonX9 responds:

xxKoreee <3


2008-11-25 18:23:21

have i told you, how mcuh i love your music, since 03? no.

then i tell it!

ParagonX9 responds:

yay ty!! <3


2008-11-25 19:07:38



2008-11-26 00:08:03

Nice job on that 8-bit dude! Keep up the great work man.

ParagonX9 responds:

Thanks man!


2008-11-26 00:45:15

Terrific as always, keep up the good work!


2008-11-26 04:57:04

It definetely does sound like what Mega Man game would have as an bacgkround theme.

But for it not being a remix, AWESOME :)


2008-11-26 06:44:44

I like it :D I am verry happy that you reply to my frst Audio review :D .Tanks for your verry helpfull information.I like all your songs.Your songs is on profesional way :D. How you do it ! I downloaded all your songs and i want to be that good as you!!! in music composing :D. You got a great gift :D.I am waiting for your reply :D XD - out


2008-11-26 12:43:46

i love the 8 bit song its still stuck in my head and also i have a question what program do u use to make ur music i would really like to know plz respond


2008-11-27 01:18:00

Hey there Paragon, I'm a huge fan and I love your tracks. Great work with your first 8-bit, I still play the old NES games and you impressed the hell ou of my. I DJ part-time and I was wondering if you would mind me using some of your tracks, I know you would even know, but just thought I'd ask.

I also want to ask you if you would be interested in doing to sound track to a cartoon series that I unfortunatly doubt I'll be able to get to. I still have no flash software and my storyboard is really screamable. I just keep flashing the intro and bits of my idea in my head when ever I hear your style. It's perfect for it. It's a long shot, but if I get it going, wanna' do the music? I want to get Egoraptor and his crew to do my voices, I still need a color scheme for the whole deal, and I need a snazy pre-loader. If it comes through, want in? Thanks Paragon, keep throwin' those mad skillz at us.



2008-11-27 08:35:11

Great song, I like 8-Bit style music.
You did a really awesome job.


2008-11-27 10:13:39

I am interested in using "metropolis" in a game I am developing. I would like to chat with you about the details.


2008-11-27 14:14:23

Nooit verwacht dat jij een 8-bit track zou maken :D
Zeer goed gedaan, meid! ;p

Om maar direct in huis te vallen met de vraag: Zou jij voor ons (team van 4 mensen die op ROC zitten, multimedia) muziek willen maken voor een Megaman-ish game?
De game zelf moet gemaakt worden voor postbedrijf TNT, we gaan een platformer maken met strategische aspecten.

Ik zelf heb al rond op het internet gevraagd voor mensen. Heb in de audio forum ook al iets gezet.
Maar er is helaas niet zo gek veel interesse.

Als je zou willen kan ik je wel wat plaatjes sturen van de game zelf waar we nu aan werken.

Wat ook misschien leuk is om te weten is dat we alles zelf maken. Alle sprites, alle tile sets, etc.

Alleen de muziek is vervelend. We willen eigenlijk geen muziek gebruiken van oudere games. Originele tracks hebben maakt het heel wat proffesioneler.

Alles moet binnen 6 a 7 weken af zijn.

Hoe dan ook, als je interesse hebt mail dan naar :

Vriendelijke groet,



2008-11-27 14:49:14

Awesome song. Close to the origenal 8bit sound. VERY damn close. Good job.


2008-11-27 15:13:51

HI paragonx9! nice track! BUT go check out some of NickPerin's 8 bit music. that is the best 8 bit on ng!(well before this) For a first attempt... That was awesome!!!! Looking forward to your next track. Good job.


2008-11-27 17:12:27

You are awesome! But sorry i haven't left a review on your new song. I haven't heard it yet, and i'm not really into 8-bit style. Only if it's remixed wit some drums!

Can't wait till i hear some new Drum & Bass from you :D


2008-11-27 17:47:28

Can you pleaseeeee

add me to ur msn?

i need help with finding a music program,

and using it..

please!!i need to make sounds for my christmas flash!


2008-11-28 17:08:50

Congrats, Paragon!


2008-11-28 20:28:16

you r the best...always !


2008-11-29 13:43:56

love it do more of the same style please


2008-11-29 20:42:15

Less 8-bit, more D&B!


2008-12-01 19:08:05

For the longest time, I've been stressing out over an animation that I lost motivation for that I need to complete for my final project to finish High School. I've been trying to find something to keep me working on it, but it was so difficult. I'm not sure why, but after listening to this song, I had the biggest motivation in the world, and it's got me back on track. Thank you so much ^_^


2008-12-01 19:54:33

Hey, I'm using your song for a video I'm making into a upcoming youtube movie of mine. Would you like me to use something else?


2008-12-02 18:47:00

This I pretty much made for you! Hope you like it ;) n/191436


2008-12-03 13:47:23

man!! you are the best!!! there aint no one out there that can beat you and your awsom music!! w00t!!


2008-12-04 06:06:23

Hey destiny some people aren't the chatty sort.

Congrats on winning a favourite on pretty much everyone in NG, ParagonX9!



2008-12-04 15:10:09



2008-12-04 19:40:14

hey wats up- i really like your music. i dont know how to make songs like urs but i would like to know if u could tell me some about how to make songs and where to do it i would appreciate it. thanx


2008-12-05 21:17:09

Goodness, a 2:39 minute loop! that was awesome!


2008-12-06 19:20:03

My review pretty much laid out evreything I had to say about the song. It was pretty sweet :)

Have you considered making C64 8-bit music rather than using NES sounds? The sounds from the SID chip which the old Commodore uses are a bit more unique and interesting, imo.


2008-12-06 20:21:47

You are THE god of the audio portal. no doubt. no question. plain and simple, you just cannot be beat. You are consistently kick ass with every song you make. Just thought I'd put that little message here :3


2008-12-11 15:53:31

Honestly have you ever thought of making an album or anything along those lines? You seem to have such great potential and let's face it... you're the queen of the audio portal!!

Whatever material you come up with always seems to be amazing, upbeat, and all in all a breath of fresh air. This song is no different, keep up the magnificent work!


2008-12-12 11:50:27

..and like two years later, I still love your stuff. <3


2008-12-13 04:49:56

I kinda laughed at your expression there.


2008-12-13 20:22:19

lol, ur profile pic made me laugh


2008-12-14 18:05:32

Paragon, all gotta ask is

will you have my babies?
i mean
looks- check
taste in music- check
skills in bed- (im assuming) check
just imagine how epic our children would be!
& get record deal to make a ton of $ so you can just stay at home and raise our children while making awesome music XD


2008-12-16 10:58:57

That was a really good song!
You should definitely make more!


2008-12-16 19:10:16

wasup Ms. Legend of NG. lawl

anyways, I was wondering if you could check out my songs and tell me whatchu think. Of course I think I'm nowhere near as good as you and a few other NG Legends. You dont have to if you want. but if you do, I highly recommend you checking out my Sonic Megamix Series.

Oh and as old as the song is, my favorite song from you is still Chaoz Japan. and Metropolis rox!

Crim ^_^v


2008-12-18 18:06:53

Man this is cool!! It does sound lyk it's from a video game. But I think Chaoz Devotion from Chaos Faction iz AWESOME!!! Keep postin audio u r awesome!!


2008-12-18 22:47:47

Awesome songs.

Keep up the great work!


2008-12-19 23:01:56

How'd you make that 8-bit metropolis song? Just curious.


2008-12-20 17:17:48

I will rape you until you die.


2008-12-21 17:33:35

hey paragonx9 ima fan of ur 8-bit metropolis beat i think its very very very good lol =] just a quick question can you tell me what you used to create it please because i would like to create my own due to inspiration of urself =] pls w.b


2008-12-21 18:21:36

Argh! Ik kan er niet tegen dat jij zulke goede nummers kan maken!
Ik heb er een hele hoop op mijn mp3 speler staan en ik luister ze dagelijks xD
Jij bent hooguit mijn favoriet =P

Dus nu zeg ik het maar even... YOU'RE A FLIPPIN' GENIUS!!!!

Keep up the brilliant work <3