New song: HyperioxX

2009-03-23 10:30:57 by ParagonX9

ParagonX9 - HyperioxX
Ahh my first submission for '09 =]
It's something very unique imo, cus i've never ever made something
like this before. It's a fast dance song (180bpm) and filled with alot of energy.
Im really having fun trying different styles everytime.

I hope you guys enjoy this more than i do <3
Thanks everyone! -ParagonX9


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2009-03-23 10:43:46

Did you watch my collab I made to your song?
It had frontpage for a good week. :)

ParagonX9 responds:

Omg Pixtropolis!! I've seen it on the front-page! And a few friends
of mine told me about it.. I really love that flash collab!
It really brings a new life to both; the flash AND the song aswell! :D
You guys did an awesome job there!
Thank you so much for using the song! <3


2009-03-23 11:18:32

om nom nom


2009-03-23 11:37:04

pl0x answer me right now, are you a girl, or are you a guy... like, seriously... please, put me out of my misery!!!


2009-03-23 12:46:51

Cool song!

I know that you mainly do original songs, but could you PLEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE EEEEEEEEEEE remix Patchouli's theme from Embodiment of Scarlet Devil? Tr0ps


2009-03-23 13:22:05

Epic as always.

ParagonX9 responds:



2009-03-23 14:48:08

I must use it in one of my future animations sometime... I would feel bad not to!


2009-03-23 14:48:34

i thought i killed you.


2009-03-23 14:49:06



2009-03-23 16:36:43

MORE CHAOZ, PLEASE! xD Well, it's fun that you do more different songs, BUT I really want a song like Chaoz Impact and Infiltration. xP

Btw, really good song! :D

ParagonX9 responds:

Haha thank you very much!
And ofcourse you can expect a new chaoz song this year ^^
maybe more =D


2009-03-23 16:41:43

Glad to see you submitting some jewels!!! Keep em coming, loved this track! <3

ParagonX9 responds:

Thanks alot rucklo!.. Im really curious about your new stuff! :D


2009-03-23 19:16:34


Culd u make a crystallized silver remix? It wuld b awesum if you did so. nJjGQ


2009-03-23 19:40:33

Fantastic! this song is awesome off the charts.
To be honost your Chaoz Fantasy song is what hooked me into alot of the music i listen to now, and im glad it did =D

I know you have alot of people asking you about "plz remake this" and stuff like that. But i'm looking for a new hooby to pick up and was wondering if you had any tips on what kind of programs i should try out. maybe i can help you out if you ever need it one day (Not that you do) =P.

I look forward to your future epic songs! =)

ParagonX9 responds:

Well if you are totally new at making music, i suggest you to try fruityloops.
and just experiment alot with it =]

Thanks! =D


2009-03-23 20:05:27

Can't wait to see what else is in store for 2009!


2009-03-23 20:17:43

Holy crap, you're female!
Come to think of it, you have very good typing skills, I'm finding kinda hard to not look.


2009-03-23 21:57:34

Your work is impressive, i just HAD to make it. :D


2009-03-23 22:03:21

I can't seem to get ParagonX9 to answer this so does anyone know where I can buy or download a full version of Chaoz Fantasy from? The versions of many of his songs on newgrounds seem to be previews or something, they cut out very short they can't be the full songs, anyone know where the full versions are?


2009-03-23 23:57:44

To Tamzin007:

The songs that are short are meant to be used in flashes as loops.


2009-03-24 11:26:25

not one of your best! i have to be fair, and i have to say the melody comes back to much, and i miss some more variation in this song. But im glad the best newgrounds dj comes from holland :) i hope you will try to create more drum & bass soon, becouse thats the genre where you are tha real king! (queen maby)
but the song is good enough for my music collection, and i enjoyed it more then other songs i usally find on newgrounds. I still find that Chaoz Fantasy is the best track on newgrounds, but i think you dont need me to say it, becouse i can almost say its an fact :P

Heel erg bedankt voor nog een mooi nummer :)


2009-03-24 16:36:47

Hey Px9! I was wondering if you want to collab? ;).


2009-03-24 20:37:51

very nice, i like yes?


2009-03-24 20:43:16

Great, relly great work.....Your songs are super!


2009-03-24 20:46:28

Great, relly great work.....Your songs are super!


2009-03-24 23:49:26



2009-03-25 00:59:09

haha, if i saw PX9 in real life i think she'd take my breath away and leave me speechless and give me the cold shoulder and leave as i sob. XD

oh well, awesome new sound btw.


2009-03-25 09:20:07

Totally awesome track!!!


2009-03-27 03:06:40

You rule!!! Your music is the best!!!! I havnt checked out the flash yet but it bet it is as good as your music... And your music is AWESOME!!!!


2009-03-27 17:12:35

good dnb u make good comeback for no song for a while


2009-03-27 17:36:53

Oh my god... this is epic!
I'm listening to this the whole time!

*begs to make more*


2009-03-28 12:31:17

"I got inspired by many DDR/ITG songs"
Are you telling me that there ARE DDR/ITG machines in The Netherlands?
In Belgium (where I live) is only one ITG dedicab, but it's a bit far for me to travel to. Plus I don't know if it even is a good one.

Gha I want to play DDR =/


2009-03-29 00:36:39



2009-03-29 14:22:56

hey i had a question about the song that plays at the end of the, hentai gallery 2 video?The song is awsome do you have it?please tell me,thnaks.


2009-03-29 16:54:43

hey i mmight post a new flash to newgrounds. can i use Chaoz Impact in my flash?


2009-03-30 10:26:36

I would have to agree with WakiMiko, Chiruno, and Usernameorisit... Your awesome styles would definitely work in a Touhou remix.


2009-03-30 13:06:08

Hey , Me and my friend are working on a game called SWIFT

it's a .exe 3D Puzzle Platformer ... not a flash :D

I heard some of your songs and i would like to use them as a background music in my game

the game will be free and you will be credited at the end of the game :)

waiting a response :D:D:D (AWESOME MUSIC BTW)


2009-03-31 03:00:04

Very Hyper song yea, but somehow it works. The majority of your work goes really well with a few red bulls!
Your unique styles are what makes you popular on newgrounds, plus in quite a few of your songs i've noticed some euro slipping in. :D love it though.
Moar ear Food please! :D


2009-03-31 16:38:36

F-777 says:

Hey Px9! I was wondering if you want to collab? ;).

That would be awesome!

P.S. ur new profile image is great! (kom je echt uit nederland? je ziet er erg japans uit)


2009-03-31 18:16:55

You're so cute ^^


2009-04-01 09:13:19

again exactly what i like! please ad me as your friend


2009-04-01 11:33:43

I see the girlfriends is looking quite nice lately.


2009-04-01 19:23:26

Hey Paragon.
Can you add me to your contact list for a while, i have to ask something in pm then you delete again.. pls?


2009-04-02 11:30:28

Since i heard Chaoz Fantasy... you have such a feeling for electronica music. Do not stop composing and keep your fans happy, you have so many and they keep growing (I hear your music everywhere, video games, video recordings of other players). What tools are you currently using if you don't mind sharing? I am in the verge of start composing again but back then it was simpler :P I put up one track i had from a couple of years ago if you feel like listening to it. Take care.

P.S. I find you quite atractive... and those glasses make you even more sexier :P


2009-04-02 18:12:02

Just listened to it! It's ( as always) Techin'!


2009-04-02 19:32:35

You are a goddess of music. I have been called a god at programing and flash creation and a god of game playing, I have striven for the title which you have that I now willingly give up to you in light of listening to your songs. continue to wow us your eminence.

note: this has nothing to do with this song itself... you have blocked pm's so i had to tell you somehow. :)


2009-04-02 19:34:34

oh yeah and the song (as were all your others) was brilliant. :)

Don't quit we love you


2009-04-03 19:36:33

Nice picture. :D


2009-04-04 15:26:34

its like a little mario guy on steriods running through a tub full of green leaves in a field filled with cows falling towards the sky
and sonic rapeing a little girl with his extremly fast feet.
thats all, nothing weird here.


2009-04-04 15:46:16



2009-04-04 20:23:18

best artist ever


2009-04-05 11:49:23

Nice, you're back in action. I hope you come up with songs as orgasmic as Chaoz Impact. That one blew me away!

Best of luck, Paragon.