2009-06-11 18:24:22 by ParagonX9

New song yay! And it iz a new chaoz song whuuuaaaat =]
I got many requests by fans who wanted to hear something
like chaoz fantasy. So here's Airflow!

[EDIT:] I have updated the song.
-Fixed The overcompressed stuff
-Added some new effects
-Added a new part at the end of the song

Hope you enjoy this new song!
Thanks for the lovely comments everyone! <3 /245921

----------------------- FAKE PX9 ACCOUNTS -----------------------
I've noticed that there are so many fake ParagonX9 accounts on the web.
The most popular FAKE-account is probably the one on myspace.
( I've tried to contact
but for some reason they're not doing anything about it.
He's pretending to be me. He also steals music and puts it on his myspace page.
Youtube/ParagonX9 is also FAKE.

All I can do for now is telling you guys that this profile on newgrounds
is the one and only original account that I own.
these are also mine:
Youtube - ParagonNG - ParagonX9

Other ParagonX9 accounts are FAKE.


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2009-06-11 18:25:40

that song was AMAZING!!!!!!

ParagonX9 responds:

Thank you! =]


2009-06-11 18:35:56

the song is epic

ParagonX9 responds:

niceee thanks ^^


2009-06-11 18:39:06

Great song! :D

ParagonX9 responds:

yayyy thank yu!


2009-06-11 18:56:13

Actually, I hated it.

ParagonX9 responds:

lol yu and yer buddies love it to lower my scores/review rates <3


2009-06-11 19:27:24

make something "new"

ParagonX9 responds:

thanks lol.
Be patient =]


2009-06-11 20:24:38

thumbs up, and tune reviewed, buddy!

ParagonX9 responds:

rucklo! heyy thank u very much buddy =D


2009-06-11 21:19:10

Awesome song ^__^

ParagonX9 responds:

thankss ^^


2009-06-11 21:40:47

nice mix!!

ParagonX9 responds:

yayy <3


2009-06-11 23:22:14

I liked your old shit a lot better

(Updated ) ParagonX9 responds:

Ah that's okay.
After a while this song gets old too =]


2009-06-11 23:40:43

I know at this point you'd prefer to avoid most messages that you'd be receiving on here, but you should leave some sort of tucked-away form of contact. Anyways, against what I said on AP recently, I'd really be interested in doing a collab with you if you'd ever be up for it, I mean it's nowhere near as prestige as some merits you're walking around with, but I have a few jems in my production history, not to mention I thoroughly run/lead the Jazz Section as the overall #1 in Newgrounds history.


2009-06-12 01:42:53

Hi five! seriously, It's no question if your good or not. your obviously one of the most elite.javascript:NewsPosts.GetPost(32 5904).SaveComment();

ParagonX9 responds:

hi five yay ^^ thankyou.javascript:NewsPosts.Get Post(325904).SaveResponse(1479912 );


2009-06-12 05:07:17

Nice song, sounds like video game music to me.
I would like to hear something like Chaos Devotion or Infiltration, but this still rocks.

ParagonX9 responds:

THank you, Yeah i always loved videogame music.
Most of my songs have VG influence =]


2009-06-12 06:02:45

Great tune indeed! I've been wondering what it would be like if you did some dark D'n'B? O.o


2009-06-12 09:27:56

It's amazing. MAKE MOAR!!! :3


2009-06-12 10:42:20

Nice, your tunes are always pretty epic.

Make some more :D



2009-06-12 11:02:14

Gahblahbah. I like it man :]

Maybe you should try freeform because your style now sounds a little like it, just more cheesey. :3


2009-06-12 12:29:40

I like the videogame-ish feel.


2009-06-12 13:05:42

yeah i agree. song was fantastic!

btw please tell me what mixer you use. i use fl studio but it sucks.


2009-06-12 21:49:55

Way to make one of my favorite songs from you even better!! This was the first song I listened to from you and it makes me very happy you did a remake of this for us! I hope to see some new songs form you in the future. (>^_^)>


2009-06-13 12:07:32

Lol, nice dp.


2009-06-13 18:35:31

How do you do it? HONESTLY. I've been listening to your songs EVER since the first came out. I was a huge newground's fan back then!

Just until recently, I had gotten a hold of FL Studio 8 XXL Edition, and It's hard! In fact the last song I just made is the best. Well, in my opinion. Nothing I make can compare to what you make. You're an amazing audio developer, and you know your way around compressors, believe me.

How do you do it though? Do you use FL studio? PM me a message if you want. =]

- Longstanding newgrounds fan


2009-06-14 09:47:33

I dont know what to say about this! O.o :O It's just sooooo awesome!!! <33

This influenced me to make an remix of this one!

Thanks for the Chaoz man! :-)


2009-06-14 20:44:41

just saying u really dont look 23 XD but your music is o so good


2009-06-15 13:15:20

Hey , Me and my friend are working on a game called SWIFT

it's a .exe 3D Puzzle Platformer ... not a flash :D

I heard some of your songs and beside i'm a big fan , i would like to use some as a background songs in my game

the game will be free and you will be credited at the end of the game :)

please reply :D

(sorry cause i posted this here but you don't accept pm's from strangers) hehe:P



2009-06-15 15:04:51

hi :D


2009-06-15 18:04:17

W00t! Nice to hear from you again, Paragon. :)


2009-06-16 11:00:27

I have waited a very long time for this.

I was always intrigued and astonished by your ability to merge dnb and trance. EXCELLENT breaktrance, second to none.

Cheers, and thank you.


2009-06-16 13:08:23

Waar blijft die Hyves nou toch? :D


2009-06-16 13:16:37

paragonX9 is hawt too :O omg amazinggggggggggggggg


2009-06-16 13:28:47

My favorite song is "blue sky" but your other songs are also very good.


2009-06-16 14:51:02

Waarom zijn Nederlanders altijd zo'n goeie dj's :P


2009-06-16 16:59:39

I'm sorry to hear that. I've noticed a lot of people who are well known on this site have lots of copycats who don't know when to quit. We all know the real Paragon of Techno and that's all that really matters. Don't let those posers get you down. I mean, the old saying goes that mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery. Even if it is messed up. lol
Please just promise you won't stop doin what you do.


2009-06-16 20:14:49

who's paragonx9olololololol


2009-06-16 22:51:43

I'm not too sure if this is too much of a favor, but could you remix U.N. Owen Was Her? x0xcU

In regards to fake PX9s, does that mean that the ParagonX9 account on Facepunch is a fake?


2009-06-17 01:17:15

I love your music alot I hope that you can do more music often.


2009-06-17 05:47:25

Good to know those are fake.
Grats on the new song and the oh-so predictable top5 spot. :p


2009-06-17 10:53:58

when px9 makes her sounds...
she plays a role in each and every bit of her sounds.

from the melody, to the synth, the bass, the drums, and the pads.
each part of her music is filled with a touch of love, taking her time nailing it down from all the gritty aspects of her music.

Understanding what goes where, at what point to make the transition.
Layering each and every bit of detail with just a small amount of love. Making it a massive amount in the end. <3

Her music was "better" back then, only because she probably was in a more in depth phase in her life, going through her turbulence and tribulation. (causing her to have the ability to actually be the instrument and feel the music.)

Her music is just as good now, then it was back then, the only difference is that it doesn't have that sincere feeling as the others carried.

Anyways, these are my kind thoughts upon her music. :]

I don't know what she really did. :D


2009-06-17 14:16:07

Great song, do you know if anyone has made Stepcharts to your music? And I can't seem to message you btw.


2009-06-17 21:56:57

Why don't you make you're own ParagonX9 accounts then, that way you dont' have to worry about rip-offs?


2009-06-18 01:00:21

hi there im a long time fan but ive never really commented on anything of yours i dont think hmmm whatever it doesnt matter i just came to say hi its nice to see you make a new song and uhhhhhhhhhh yeah i dunno dont hurt yourself which is like me saying good luck with life my friend


2009-06-18 08:05:03

Hey, it's me again!

I have a suggestion: Could you make a really, really hardcore DNB track? Like, extremely hardcore? Like so hardcore, my speakers would spontaneously combust? Being you, it would be really cool to hear. :D


2009-06-18 11:54:04

XD I LOVE your music!!!! Thank you SO much for another piece! I have to say i have like ALL of your music on my iPod and i Listen to it all the time lol! Keep up the good work!


2009-06-18 20:29:43

hi i tried to PM you but u've got it on private, which i dont blame at all with the amount of publicity you have on here. but i was going to ask if we could collab and what program you use? i've got some drum n bass up on here if u wana hear what im capable of haha. get back to me :)


2009-06-19 01:22:20

Hey Paragon, I believe quite some time ago i made a forum post about this, and some other mods have also sent a message to myspace concerning the fake Paragonx9 account, he stole many of refx's stuff as well.. hmm let me show you the forum post :D 74822/2

Anyways, I even tried to get the guy to take down his myspace... and he refused and told him that he could get sued...and such.. anyways if you want more info on this guy i have a ton more

I can also show you some msn logs as well if you like with this guy.. anyways new song is fucking awesome... I don't think you'll be able to see my review if i ever wrote one from your adoring fans!


2009-06-19 12:50:09

I would like to use your music in a game which I am making, using rpg maker xp.
The game is not for any profit or anything like that, it will be a free game. Mainly, this game
is being made for the fun of it but I want to make it as good as I can.

As I was going through the musics i heard your musics and thorght that they were VERY good and I want to use some of them, almost all. I will give complete credit to each song and your name will be in the credits at the end of the game.

Please reply telling me what you think and if you don't mind me using them.
Remember :
1. non-profit game
2. made for fun but I want it to be the best it can

Thanks :)


2009-06-19 13:43:05

Thanks for the warning!


2009-06-19 18:54:16

Hope you don't mind that I put Airflow on YouTube


2009-06-19 20:11:17

Very great song! :D Keep making good music! :D


2009-06-19 23:28:28

The funny thing is, there is one person called paragonXX9 who actually makes his own stuff. Which sucks except for one song I took a liking to. The mellow loop was nice :D


2009-06-20 04:00:13

Yer. Anyway, are you professional?