Upgrade & More

2007-10-10 15:58:45 by ParagonX9

Hello everyone =]

I finally got my PC upgraded.
It's now much faster than before and I won't have many problems running
bigger programs like Cubase or FL.
I have those programs installed on my PC AND also got Reason 4 now =D
So i'm now just playing around with all these new stuff, and hope to get new ideas
for new songs. If you want you can help me abit by answering this question:

What kind of song would you like to hear next?

1. Something like Chaoz Devotion
2. Something like Defcon Zero
3. A new Videogame remix
4. Doesn't matter, Just submit SOMETHING (no problem if it's crappy or not)

If you have any other suggestions or new ideas for new songs,
then feel free to post them here =]

Thanks alot for the comments everyone =]
I hope that i can finally make new songs very soon,

- PX9

Upgrade & More


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2007-10-10 16:03:27

Good thing that you upgraded your PC. I need to upgrade mine.

About the question, I'd like to hear something like Chaoz Devotion. It's such a great song.


2007-10-10 16:09:49

something gorilaz-esque, but I dont really care, all your music is amazing.


2007-10-10 16:15:11

I'd love to see another installment of your chaoz series. You work is awesome! :D


2007-10-10 16:25:59

YAY! More songs from ParagonX9.

Anyways, I would be just fine with anything that you submit as long as it's good like all the rest of your songs.

Can't wait 'till the next song.


2007-10-10 16:29:50

I agree with Morrow.


2007-10-10 16:44:41

I would suggest that rather than remix some song that's probably been remixed like 50 times before on NG, or trying to imitate some other audio piece, I suggest you try something original. Any remix or imitation will just get lost in the portal after submission cause it's nothing special, it's really best to put the time in to create something unique or original.


2007-10-10 17:58:21



2007-10-10 18:56:28


3. A new Videogame remix


2007-10-10 20:09:35

3. A new Videogame remix


2007-10-10 20:16:32

Nice to hear you upgraded your PC.
For music taste, I would like something fast or a trance song :P


2007-10-10 23:16:43

I personally am always interested in seeing people try out new things, but thats just me and newgrounds is about submitting stuff that you enjoyed working on so blagh.

But if i had to pick one then it would either be something like Chaoz Devotion or a remix Rayman Raving Rabbids, i haven't heard that done before and sampling there "DAAAH" could be alot of fun! Also this could bea nice test, alot of people on newgrounds consider you to be one of the better musicians here so it would be a nice test of your skill if you could make this into an actual proper song, rather than a gimmicky remix that so many songs that attempt sampling quotes turn out to be. Although since Raving Rabbids is a silly game i guess that contradicts the idea of a serious song :S. So i yeah i guess i pick something like chaoz devotion if experimenting with some new stuff isn't an option.

I'd like it if you didn't pick option 4 as i don't like it when people rush things, although obviously the sooner anything comes out the better since your stuff rocks.

Looking forward to whatever it is thats going to come out.

ParagonX9 responds:

Hmm okey thank you =]
I see that most people want something like Chaoz devotion or a vgremix.

Perhaps it would be nice to make another Xmas style song?


2007-10-11 05:19:34

From a devoted fan:


2007-10-11 11:29:20

Heh, first post ever.. kinda nervous.
But to be honest Chaoz Fantasy totally rocked, I'd like to hear more of that kind.
You're a true inspiration.


2007-10-11 14:28:05

This may be late but for an idea why not try something with all 4 options, if you cant choose sometimes combinations make good pieces. and Knowing you and your music it can be epic.


2007-10-11 18:45:41

Hey. Glad your about to start again. Me? I'd prefer a Chaoz styled track. I love Chaoz Japan. If you could do something similiar to those tracks, it'll be an instant hit. Keep up the work and don't give up!


P.S. how did you find my profile? (you left a comment on it)


2007-10-11 23:51:45

Ever heard any music of the Megaman X/Rockman X series. If you have I bet you could make an awsome remix of any of those songs.


2007-10-11 23:58:46

Just wanted and had to say that Im a huge fan of your style in music. Got all your tracks on my Ipod and I couldnt even list the times I listen to your tracks while I work or do anything productive. thanks for all the great tunes
your Fan


2007-10-12 01:34:49

Personally, I loved Chaos Devotion, and I would like to hear anything you have to put out. (That didn't sound right, did it?)


2007-10-12 09:03:28

just somthing im sure you will make it really great


2007-10-12 12:26:03

Will you mary me ?


2007-10-12 15:00:50

Hmm, I liked Defcon Zero the most out of those... I'm not a big fan of your Chaoz tracks...

Why don't you make something like Neutralized... Acid and your unique blend of breakbeat.


2007-10-12 15:47:45

The Boss Battle Music in the Nintendo Gamecube version of Bomberman is pretty kick ass, I'd like to, and probably alot of other people would want to hear PX9 RMX of that song.

I'm not really sure if you can heart it anywhere else, besides on the game. I looked everywhere for an Mp3, but no go. Maybe you can find it, you are god though, next to Psybot.

~Let the Process, Unravel the Perfection~


2007-10-12 23:12:31



2007-10-13 00:34:10

Watever you chose to make will be a good choice, I had never been never disappointed by you n_n.

I would really enjoy another song like ''No. 5 (NG Edit)''. I really loved the style(look futuristic to me), all those different rythm in the song and cristal clear sound. I think its the best music song you ever made.

Chaoz devotion was in the same style and thats why i enjoyed it so much.
I dont care the name you will give to that song(video game remix or chaoz serie)
as long as it's in the same style as your most recent song.

But you do as you wish, as i told you I had never been never disappointed by you and im sure it wont change soon.


2007-10-13 01:24:44

Personally, i would like to see like a techno or classical version of the canadian anthem, just to see if it sounded kool or now. anyway, just putting the idea out there. You rule Paragon!


2007-10-13 04:54:59

something like DEFCON ZERO


2007-10-13 11:43:56

i just love blue sky


2007-10-13 16:59:58

something else like chaoz devotion, i loved that. And check out my flash that i made in tribute to you and your music from my profile.


2007-10-13 17:05:02

So anyway, gnarfgh


2007-10-13 17:17:05

Is a Halloween based song an idea? Personally I like all your music so do whatever you think is best!


2007-10-13 18:12:40

Defcon Zero All The Way or Chaoz Japan


2007-10-13 20:48:35

Make something new :) . But if I must selectone , make something like Defcon Zero.


2007-10-14 02:18:07

Just do what comes naturally, I don't think you can go wrong since so far practically everything you churn out is amazing.
I personally liked your most recent Chaoz Fantasy the best though.

Like your growing fan-base, I also can't wait for your next installment in the Chaoz series.



2007-10-14 10:14:56

More Sonic remixes plz? :)


2007-10-14 11:53:13

Lol, just like that mix!
Make something with a heavy bass and a fast drum please..


2007-10-14 12:59:15

Just submit ANYTHING!!!I don't care if its shit or not,chances are,it wont be!btw you make great music^^


2007-10-14 13:11:08

Perfect Dark remixes. ;)


2007-10-14 17:24:41

Your music rocks and so does the hood on your pic =3
I hope we hear more from you in the future =P


2007-10-15 02:48:10

Something like Haunted Woods? I love that song xP.


2007-10-15 13:05:59

Perhaps something along the lines of happy hardcore jungle (like stuff from Helter Skelter in the 90s) with a prolonged beat mixed into the whole thing (rather like the one API used in his song 'The Virus')... I'd make it myself put I can't do d'n'b -.- if you can do all that along with some glitchy hats, I would add the song to my favourites and 5 on it every day, without fail ^.^

Any of those you incorporate would be just totally awesome, but then again, even if you don't, your next tune will probably pure pwnage anyway. Lawl!!

I look forward to hearing it!! ~~ DJ {Infinity symbol which doesn't work >.<}


2007-10-15 14:08:03

Hmm...It's not in the list but i'de just LOOOOOVE something new like Chaoz Fantasy! If you really don't want something like Chaoz Fantasy, just ignore me lol...
Looking forward to hearing your new work!!!



2007-10-15 16:31:21

something like polar240, so every single newgrounds animator can use it for their christmas submission.


2007-10-15 20:06:22

i would enjoy a nice drum and bass song for sure


2007-10-16 15:30:16

I like to see more video game remixes,as long as they are like your other songs, but specially of the legend of zelda.


2007-10-16 18:15:47

PC??!! If you want really good audio capabilities, you would get a mac!


It's true...it's not a complete OS...


2007-10-16 20:39:10

I hold you, in SUCH a high respect paragon, ur music is absolute, *Starts bowing*


2007-10-17 13:28:06

Mix of both Chaoz Devotion and Defcon Zero.


2007-10-17 20:06:19

1. Something like Chaoz Devotion!!


2007-10-17 22:02:37

Something like Polar 240


2007-10-18 07:34:40

I'm going to go with 3. I hope to hear more. ^_^