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Posted by ParagonX9 - January 28th, 2011





Good to see you back in business =D!

Thanks! it's awesome that i can make new songs again even on a slow pc like this =]

Hurray! A new song! =D

hurray! =D

Welcome back, great song!
Off-Topic question, why does the best music on NG come from women in the Netherlands? For example, Paragon, Nemesistheory, WHY?!?!

Yet another awesome tune! Thank you very much for posting it here. :)

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so glad ur bak and made a new song and i lov it!!!

I'm just glad to see your still active on the site. Take your time, recover as quick or as slowly as you need to, then carry on making music.

(But we'd all prefer sooner rather than later.. but I know how hard it is making music on a bad computer :/ )

I Just wanna say ive been your biggest fan since Dark Carvens since 04 or 03 ?
But just wanna say my "Jerk" Beat made # 1 Unsuspectingly & people are hating it when it was suppose to be for EgoRaptors Awesome Chaotix Which Ego Chose Randomly & Made basically my jerk beat to #1..

I Would Probably Jump Around if you commented on One of my Beats.. it would mean alot Because u are what brung me here to make beats for the fans

Well you probably might not read this.. maybe you will idk you probably get millions a day
but i just wanna say thank you to the #1 Producer on NG.. Thank you .

and i wanted to message you this but ur only on a contact list & this was the only possible way

W8! HAH! Ik wist het wel! Jij bent ook APXN en KFNX! of niet?..
wrm zet je die links daar?.. :p

maybe..... xD
Maybe alt accounts for old/unfinished/crap songs

Oh, ik dacht altijd dat KFNX je ex-gf was?
Had ik ergens op de forums gelezen :S

ALSO! U+0050 U+0041 U+0052 U+0041 U+0047 U+004F U+004E U+0058 U+0039 MEANS PARAGONX9 :D

Hey, good to see you back! I've been trying to contact you for a very long time now through many different means. I'm looking for your permission to use a heavily remixed version of Chaoz Fantasy for a commercial game. If you would like details just send me a message. I already have the ok from the remix artist, but I'd like your approval as well just out of courtesy - I respect you and your music. Thank you for your time!

Where will I find pics of you?

hey X9 I you replied to my comment on one of your recent songs, so i'm going to guess that your by your cpu now. I know you heard this before i',m not just some fan, but an fellow artist. I listen to your music for some years now, and I'm just about ready to make my full short animation with one of your tracks with other music artist on New-grounds ect. I make music my self but I'm no wear near as good as some of the artist on here. I'm better at drawing comics and animation ect. I'm just letting you know
in the animation i will give all credit to each artist who's music was featured in the animation, and if one day i make money off the animation I will give each artist a ring. You don't replay to your email so i hope you at least get this.

I wanted a new song from you, and it's here! THANK you!! Nice to see you back in work... ;)

Submit that song. Now.

It's great, I just spotted it in my subscription box at youtube.
I love it to pieces <3

how come u didn't put this song on NG instead on yt

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