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Posted by ParagonX9 - February 19th, 2011

>> youtube.com/ParagonX9official << ( OFFICIAL NEW YOUTUBE PAGE )
>> Official NEW Facebook Fanpage << ( Don't Forget to hit the 'Like' Button! :)

Finished an 8-Bit version of Chaoz Fantasy.
Did everything by listening to the mp3 (since i don't have the original file on this pc)
Not sure when i'm going to submit it on newgrounds.
I'll upload it on youtube (probably next week)

UPDATE: REMOVED 'Desert Train' (Will submit it on my new youtube account soon)
Thanks everyone for reviews and comments! <3



Comments (18)

Weetje al wanneer je een nieuwe PC krijgt?
En kost het niet enorm veel tijd om inspiratie te krijgen voor een nieuwe Chaoz track? :p

Hehe ik krijg alst goed is een nieuwe pc van mn tante xD
Ik hoop dat het een beetje een snelle pc is zodat ik weer nieuwe
chaoz songs kan maken =]

Doordat ik al een tijdje geen muziek meer had gemaakt is
mn motivatie + inspiratie meter weer gevult.
Dat zou geen probleem moeten zijn hoop ik! hehe =]

Anyways, Reason gaat best snel hoor! ik had een shitty netbook-laptop (1GB RAM) en Reason deed het gewoon perfect.
Maar NOOIT ASIO4ALL gebruiken = Blue screen of Death. (had ik laatst :S)

Hmm, nja ik denk dat deze comp geen reason aan kan xD
zelfs mn eigen oude pc kreeg vaak cpu warning met reason hehe

=) raaawwr =) the song is nice =)


Verstaan jy my? ek kan jou taal lees =)

Haha very good! sounds more south-african tho xD

awesome when will the new chaoz song come out

thanks! as soon when i have a new faster PC i'll be able to use better music programs, an then ill be able to make new chaoz songs =]

I'm glad to see you back updating frequently again. :)

Thanks! It takes some time to recover from inactivity. Many fans don't even know im submitting again =[

well finally some new songs from. been waiting and sticking around to hear the fantastic music you always make. good to see your back

Thanks! sorry for letting you wait =[
Im glad that i can make some music again.
Now waiting for a better PC, so i can make serious stuff again xD

Good to hear back from you para, thought we lost yeh for a second.
it'll be great to hear more of your music but the strange thing is i found out through Phyrnna (a real cool musician gal) of your new post!

you and her make quite impressive tunes the both of ya.


Thanks! it feels great to submit new tunes again!
Hmm never heard of her, but maybe i should check out her songs =]

Thanks again!


Thank you!

Most excellent! I'll have to drop by YouTube to check out your new tune. :)

Like the new avatar, by the way.

Hey mackfoxx! Thanks! I still have to submit desert train on my new account tho.
I like your sonic covers! =]

glad to see you're alive lol

also i made a remix a year ago with the title &quot;8-bit chaoz fantasy&quot; so maybe check it out and let me know if I should change the name so its not taken.

Oh wow that remix was awesome!
Reviewed! Don't worry about the name! ;)
Thanks! =D

Holy crap i just relized your a girl... I just wana say i have huge respect for you and love your music :)

Amy is a girl! =D thanks you!! =]

Hello future me.

Hello past me =]

Minion you joined this site just because of paragon didn't you?

a huge fan i guess <3 =]

where is the song i thought u were done with it and when u going to post yt or here

You mean Desert Train [8-Bit]?
I deleted it because i wasn't really satisfied with that song.
I'll post it on youtube in about 2 or 3 weeks.

sry about the last comment i post i meant the song 8 bit i thought u were done with it and when u going to post yt or herechaoz fantasy

What program do you use to make all this awesomeness?

Awesome! Keep up the great work!
And while I'm at it,
How about making Danger ahead 4?