2011-03-03 04:34:33 by ParagonX9

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Uploaded the following songs @ youtube today:
- Chaoz Impact
- Infiltration
- Metropolis (8-Bit)
- HyperioxX
- Chaoz Airflow



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2011-03-22 12:28:18

Ik heb tot nu toe Chaoz impact en Infiltration gehoord, ik ga nu de rest afspelen, de nummers zijn echt goed!


2011-03-22 23:32:21

WoOt ur music is really powerfull and crazy but still good o.O


2011-03-23 16:23:18

Your awesome keep up the good work!! love your songs <3


2011-03-24 00:34:09

I love your stuff! It's really a great inspiration for me to make my compositions more complex and stuff. Any tips so I can sound more like you? :D


2011-03-25 02:18:23

I LOVE your music!! Just :))


2011-03-26 17:10:08

no me!im in the newgrounds ouch my secret award of the sydney shark!the name is:hat. my voice give me now for now the secret award im say you finish in the hat one!


2011-03-26 19:35:35

When are you gonna make more songs! I am very impatient. Also if you don't mind can you recommend some artists if you know any? I want to find more musicians of your caliber. p.s. sub'd on Youtube, fav'd on NG, but I don't have Facebook so... yeah.


2011-03-27 07:59:52

I'm sorry if it looks like I'm bugging you, but I've sent you a PM and I have been awaiting your reply for some time, since it's the only thing that's preventing me from finishing my game, since I'm not a composer myself. At all.


2011-03-27 16:59:40

i like your musics ParagonnX9!im male and the other fans of NG not view your musics!and algms like.Bye!=D!


2011-03-28 10:40:36

But I already 'like' you.

Oh... you mean facebook...


2011-03-29 12:58:34

trampoline me?what follow your musics ParagonX9?


2011-04-01 00:25:25

I remember playing ducktales on gameboy....and well i still actually have it haha. Good work, keep on keeping on, I was going to comment on your facebook page...but looks like you disabled that lol. Keep up the good work!.


2011-04-05 09:47:24

Are you a girl? And no, I'm not talking about That stupid Sonic character.


2011-04-05 20:31:15

I think I'm in love with your music...


2011-04-07 19:06:13

Hello ParagonX9. My name is The-Great-One and I am the chief editor of <a href="">The Interviewer Account</a> here on Newgrounds. It is where I interview the famous artists and members of Newgrounds.

I would like the privilege of interviewing you. May I?


2011-04-07 19:06:58

Sorry for leaving this request through your comments, but you only allow messages from your contacts list so I had no other alternative.


2011-04-10 17:52:06

Youre one sexy being.


2011-04-20 13:01:20

ParagonX9= Epic music!


2011-04-21 21:41:45

wanna be friends


2011-04-24 09:35:51

you play madness acelerant?


2011-04-25 18:00:29

i wish u were in my contacts i wanna ask u something


2011-05-01 11:53:14

Happy Birthday!


2011-05-01 11:54:07

Happy Birthday!! ParagonX9


2011-05-01 23:26:56

happy late b-day xD and when is ur chaoz 8 bit song coming its been a long while since the last update


2011-05-03 15:52:30

Started listening to you errrrr god knows, i have songs such as: Chaoz Devotion Chaoz Fantasy, Chaoz Impact, Chaoz Survivior, HyperioxX and Infiltration, those are the ones i still have anyway, sitll listening happily. Liking the new (new to me) stuff that you have made, keep up with the good work!


2011-05-03 17:01:30

I'm already subscribing to Youtube =D
But believe or not: I don't have Facebook =%u2193


2011-05-05 08:54:20

Hey Paragonx9 I have a question about a song in this video MHnWQ Izaw says the name of the song is ParagonX twilight princess remix but I can't find it anywhere. can you send me a download link please please please ): I Love this Song Thank You


2011-05-06 15:37:00

kan je wel muziek van newgrounds wel downloaden op je mobiel?


2011-05-07 23:28:42

Loving the music since 2003. ParagonX9 doesn't realize it yet, but she & I are getting married. :D


2011-05-09 02:09:34

Hey, ain't going to comment on Xmillsa's uploaded video of your highest/oldest beginning of the Chaoz series:Fantasy on youtube so that it proves that you're alive in the music world!!!

(There was always bickering of who's the artist gender on the video before it calmed down)


2011-05-09 19:29:18

I suck at music making, but people like you keep me going <3


2011-05-12 13:53:06

hi there! can you do next battle style music just like double damage or chaoz devotion please?


2011-05-19 16:42:27

Hey I just wanted to say I really like your music. You inspired me to start making music. I hope I could get really good just like you. :)


2011-05-27 19:13:10

My name is RemnasSR06 :D and I'm from Spain!
I LOVE your music, it is awesome XD
. Emmmrwww~
I just need some tips like:
-some artists to listen
-programs you use for mixing the tunes (and creating them)
And all I should know about blah blah blah xD
I'll understand perfectly If you don't want to teach me. But, I just want you to hear the only song I have uploaded!! :D
I want to improve and learn some tricks about trance and everithing you can offer!!
See you! ^^


2011-06-01 14:33:52

LAdy, you music is an inspiration to me, Can i use your music for my LP of Doom 2?


2011-06-06 05:16:00

Wheres super double dragon? That is the best you have ever done.


2011-06-06 15:41:08

Is something funny, but never seen your profile on newgrounds, but I like some music you and now, but I had never visited your profile


2011-06-16 08:15:37

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2011-06-16 10:24:24

what was the song that was used in the final fantasy gil quest mol de toh fight scene it would make me ever so happy to know if you don't want to answer that is fine thank you if you read and reply to this


2011-06-24 17:26:17

HEY PARADRAGON CAN U DO A REMIX OF A SONG FOR ME its awsome ill send u it in a private message


2011-06-24 17:43:41

I made a video for you paradragon Gz7dA remix it plz ^^ plz? ^^ PPWSOT (preety please with sugar on taop)


2011-06-26 18:49:33

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2011-06-28 07:31:02

you're still alive? awsome! love your music


2011-07-13 00:50:50

hi! i like ure image but i need to say u that thnx for put this awesomes songs in here thnx! ;) -sonicthehedgehog12-

ParagonX9 responds:

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments ! =)


2014-09-27 21:09:46

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