// NEW Song: ParagonX9 - Chaoz Twilight //

2011-07-13 02:37:17 by ParagonX9

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= ParagonX9 - Chaoz Twilight =

Since i have a new working computer that is able to run big music programs, I can finally show up
with some high quality works again. The song has not the 'Chaoz' sound as usual.
It's actually somewhat more to the Drum&Bass genre.

I think the words 'Chaoz' and 'Twilight' would make a perfect description for
the way this song's mood switches from Happy to Energy, from Energy to Dark,
from Dark to Peaceful... etc. Constantly switching between those Realms =)

Thank you all for the lovely comments and the massive support!!
Without you i would never had any inspirations to make new songs.



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2011-07-13 02:38:39


ParagonX9 responds:



2011-07-13 02:40:07

Amazingly awesome song by the way.

ParagonX9 responds:

Thanks! =)


2011-07-13 02:46:32

Splendid work, as usual. ^_^

ParagonX9 responds:

Hey MackFoxx! Thank you very much!
And thanks for your review! ;)


2011-07-13 02:46:57

You kept this one pretty tame as far as melodies go, usually you get pretty crazy. :)
I liked it nonetheless.

ParagonX9 responds:

I totally agree. it's actually not that 'chaoz' as usual.
But thanks anyhow! =)


2011-07-13 03:37:29

wanna be friends

ParagonX9 responds:

sure =)


2011-07-13 03:37:45

Great music!

ParagonX9 responds:



2011-07-13 06:18:52

Another great beat as usual :P

ParagonX9 responds:

Thanks SCTE3!


2011-07-13 07:51:15

Gotta say, I prefer dark dirty dnb to the melodic stuff you usually do. Keep playing with it miss it's sounding good. Also, which version of reason you with?

ParagonX9 responds:

Hey Quarl! Thanks mate!
I use reason5 =)
Even though it's not easy to get that sound as powerful as big VSTs,
it's always fun to play around with reason.

Good to see you're still around Quarl! =)


2011-07-13 10:06:14

please explain what chaoz is? this just your name you slap on every thing or a type of music? seriously i dunno much about techno kinda music.

ParagonX9 responds:

Chaoz is a series of my DnB/Videogame works.
My new song actually doesn't fit in there,
but it's dnb and has some videogame ish feel in some parts.


2011-07-13 12:01:03

I got a new computer too! :)

ParagonX9 responds:



2011-07-13 12:02:52

P.s You neverrespond to things! :|

(Updated ) ParagonX9 responds:

I do respond to things but i can't respond to all comments and reviews =(
But i do read most of them =]


2011-07-13 12:38:02

you rock. period.

ParagonX9 responds:

WOHH!! Thank you!


2011-07-13 15:38:30

Yaaaaaay let the young'uns suck up to you again.

Not rude, but truth.


2011-07-13 17:08:03

You are quite welcome. ^_^ And congratulations on your track getting a Weekly 2nd Place!


2011-07-13 17:08:50

This song was really nice, I couldn't help but remember playing nintendo games and thinking how i could easily play megaman to a song as upbeat and energetic as this


2011-07-13 18:01:11

You stole my top five spot.......:( Great that you're back though, hit me up sometime :)


2011-07-13 18:05:00

I thought you were dead too.
Turns out from what i am hearing, it was the computer amirite? Also, i have been wondering about that blurb that says U+0050 U+0041 U+0052 U+0041 U+0047 U+004F U+004E U+0058 U+0039


2011-07-14 00:01:42

Glad to see your back!! Im very excited to see any upcoming songs from you :D. Love Chaoz Twilight.


2011-07-14 10:08:08

hey dude! how are you? i through you will never do a new song! can you do something like double damage,the final day and chaoz impact? please reply


2011-07-15 20:55:40

well i like this song i can't stop listening it ;) thumbs up! -sonicthehedgehog12-


2011-07-16 19:22:42

thank you very much for this. the synths on this song are very impressive. can i sample/warp them in a soundcloud mixtape? i'd obviously give credit/info


2011-07-18 05:17:37

i love all your work its all in my play list yay


2011-07-18 05:29:01

this kinda brings out feeling in me that feel odd in a good way that sounds silly but its true ahhh so good feels so right if thats not to gay or odd


2011-07-18 21:24:31

i absolutely love your music and i can never get enough of it lol. thank you for all your hard work and please keep up the amazing songs!


2011-07-21 21:09:30

Wow. You're so cool...
That's the best thing I've ever said in my four years here... Don't harm my feelings please!


2011-07-22 00:06:45

Hi ParagonX9!

I love your remixes. I like how you maintain the melody and core of the original songs but add that adrenaline, unique twist to it. I was wondering if you'd be interested in doing one from Phantasy Star Online. It's from the Seabed Levels during battle, called 'Abysmal Ball: Banquet' and I have a link for you on Youtube.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uv27g5 NFtv4">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uv27g5 NFtv4</a>

Perhaps you might like that style and enjoy reworking the melodies into a new remix! The part 0:46 to 1:37 is amazingly well done for an original, so whatever you're able to compose leaves you a lot of room to do what you like and it still sound great.

Please think about it! I wouldn't have contacted any other composer for this one!


2011-07-22 05:38:20

This has to have a music video about Sonic, Shadow and Amy!

I have figured the script out.

PM me if you're interested, ParagonX9


2011-07-22 13:06:40

You are the best audio maker here and i am your fan omg please make moarz!


2011-07-23 17:23:33

Amazing, just amazing. I never expected less. Keep up the AWESOME work!


2011-07-24 14:53:36

YES!!!! a new song!! i'm so hppy.
i love the softer melodys and most of the second half, but the fast, electronic bits, and the transistions didn't really work for me:(.

But i think it would be AMAZING if you did a song with just the soft nice bits in.

Anyway thats just my veiw,



2011-08-06 11:09:29

Hey ParagonX9!

I've been playing a game called 'Neuron' and your track 'Chaoz fantasy' made my adrenalin rush!
So I checked your music closely and, wow you have a feeling for music that few people have these days. Anyway I'll make this short cos you prob have tons to read. :<
Music production is also what I do so my question is following:
-Are you willing to do a collab with me?

Here's my Soundcloud page with some of my production: http://soundcloud.com/aryx

I know you have many fans who write you and you may not even see this message but if you're reading this please reply whatever you think. :)

Hope your having a nice day,


2011-08-15 11:10:20

Hey! How's life going? Seen Brian laterly? (:


2011-08-17 12:39:01

Thank you very much, it's very cool :)


2011-08-19 12:35:52

yo paragon i am listening to chaoz twilight it rocks!i love the beat and techno type feel.lol i am not a very good musician but i know when i see talent.good job!


2011-08-19 23:02:18

You Make About The BEST Songs Ever. On All My Song Lists And All The 600+ Songs On My iPod Touch (That's Right. Touch. SUE ME.) Your Songs Are The Best!
P.S. I Know This Kinda Creepy But I Has No Friends, So Can I Add You? :D


2011-08-20 05:00:39

Awesome work as usual. Also, i have one important question: Is it possible for me to commission a remix?


2011-08-21 09:45:10

Awesome tracks! Love your work! :D


2011-08-23 20:20:16

Hey sup, can you please extend the first five seconds of the "danger ahead 2"


2011-08-24 18:17:24

In case your ever on here,

i remixed your song metropolis for a monthly audio competition on the forums called the NACs

The remix got top 5, heres the linkie: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/440441

I hope you approve of it, loved chaoz twilight btw.


2011-08-30 21:19:03

Hey paragon love the music the creativity and the unique sound. Keep it up! BTW I'm loving chaoz twillight. Though I feel that the switching from calm to completely crazy is a bit intense at some points. Don't get me wrong both parts sound amazing! Especially when they come together at the end. I just feel that the difference is so intense that you should just make 2 completely different songs. Cus both seperate could actually make 2 amazing songs if you think about it. A crazy intense song and a nice sorta waltz. Yeah that sounds cool. But anyway keep up the good work!!


2011-08-31 07:45:18

You are an excellent music re-mixer, keep up the good work I can't wait to hear your newest works.


2011-09-22 01:17:30

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2011-09-24 06:10:59

What I think of chaoz twilight: I made a story for it. Basically its starts off with a castle and its at night time basically the castle fights an enemy(monsters) at night to protect the castle and when the whole beat changes from the chorus to,,, yeah when that happens thats when they are fighting and people underground come from there and surprise attack the monsters and the wave that was sent out died and everyone went back into the castle to get some sleep(chorus) then two lovers are under a cherry blossom tree just looking at each other for a while then the monsters come back and they are stronger this time. the two lovers joined hands and fought the monsters together... and they kissed i guess ._. XD K DONE.


2011-09-26 11:02:00

Is there any possible way I can leave a message for you? I tried to send a PM to you ^__^; I think it might be interesting to you.


2011-09-29 15:51:34

I'm in a university course and I wanted to say that, YOU are my inspiration to do well in this course. I thank you deeply!


2011-09-30 10:35:14

hey paragon x9... can you remix SSBB - Tabuu Theme? Thanks.


2011-09-30 10:40:29

what program do you use to make these AWESOME remixes??!?!?!?


2011-09-30 10:45:54

I have to say... out of all "DJ Ravine... DJ Cotts... and all the other DJ's.... YOU ARE THE BEST!!!


2011-09-30 21:44:15

I used a song "SM64 - The Alternate Route" for Meteolife!

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /321298


2011-10-02 18:57:02

Your awesome paragonx! :D! I wanna use some of your songs in my future games! Keep up the great work I love all of your songs! :) You've got a great ear for music! =D