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// NEW Song: ParagonX9 - Chaoz Twilight //

Posted by ParagonX9 - July 13th, 2011

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= ParagonX9 - Chaoz Twilight =

Since i have a new working computer that is able to run big music programs, I can finally show up
with some high quality works again. The song has not the 'Chaoz' sound as usual.
It's actually somewhat more to the Drum&Bass genre.

I think the words 'Chaoz' and 'Twilight' would make a perfect description for
the way this song's mood switches from Happy to Energy, from Energy to Dark,
from Dark to Peaceful... etc. Constantly switching between those Realms =)

Thank you all for the lovely comments and the massive support!!
Without you i would never had any inspirations to make new songs.


Comments (63)



Amazingly awesome song by the way.

Thanks! =)

Splendid work, as usual. ^_^

Hey MackFoxx! Thank you very much!
And thanks for your review! ;)

You kept this one pretty tame as far as melodies go, usually you get pretty crazy. :)
I liked it nonetheless.

I totally agree. it's actually not that 'chaoz' as usual.
But thanks anyhow! =)

wanna be friends

sure =)

Great music!


Gotta say, I prefer dark dirty dnb to the melodic stuff you usually do. Keep playing with it miss it's sounding good. Also, which version of reason you with?

Hey Quarl! Thanks mate!
I use reason5 =)
Even though it's not easy to get that sound as powerful as big VSTs,
it's always fun to play around with reason.

Good to see you're still around Quarl! =)

please explain what chaoz is? this just your name you slap on every thing or a type of music? seriously i dunno much about techno kinda music.

Chaoz is a series of my DnB/Videogame works.
My new song actually doesn't fit in there,
but it's dnb and has some videogame ish feel in some parts.

I got a new computer too! :)


P.s You neverrespond to things! :|

I do respond to things but i can't respond to all comments and reviews =(
But i do read most of them =]

you rock. period.

WOHH!! Thank you!

Yaaaaaay let the young'uns suck up to you again.

Not rude, but truth.

You are quite welcome. ^_^ And congratulations on your track getting a Weekly 2nd Place!

This song was really nice, I couldn't help but remember playing nintendo games and thinking how i could easily play megaman to a song as upbeat and energetic as this

You stole my top five spot.......:( Great that you're back though, hit me up sometime :)

I thought you were dead too.
Turns out from what i am hearing, it was the computer amirite? Also, i have been wondering about that blurb that says U+0050 U+0041 U+0052 U+0041 U+0047 U+004F U+004E U+0058 U+0039

Glad to see your back!! Im very excited to see any upcoming songs from you :D. Love Chaoz Twilight.

hey dude! how are you? i through you will never do a new song! can you do something like double damage,the final day and chaoz impact? please reply

well i like this song i can't stop listening it ;) thumbs up! -sonicthehedgehog12-

thank you very much for this. the synths on this song are very impressive. can i sample/warp them in a soundcloud mixtape? i'd obviously give credit/info

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