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I can really use some help, please read..

Posted by ParagonX9 - January 30th, 2012

Hi everyone! I have a little request.
I have been providing free downloadable music for almost 10 years now already.
Millions of listens, thousands of fans. 0,00$ earned from all the downloads.
I never made music to earn money tho. I just want to bring you
something cool to listen to. But Im starting to get a bit of financial pain,
of all the time and efforts i spent on making free downloadable music.
And I thought that maybe you guys could help me out.
Please, if you can, make a paypal donation by clicking the link below,
and follow further instructions. I can really, really use some financial support..


Thank you very much! <3

Forgot to say that the donation will also help me getting a new PC.
My PC broke again a few days ago. I'm now using my parents pc again
which is not able to run the music software i need to make new songs.

I would like to thank the people that have made a donation.
I'm really lucky to have you guys! Thank you very much!

People that have donated:
- i. wiesner
- f. alsaadi
- M. Green
- P. M├Ąchler
- C. Eggers
- A. R%u0119bacz
- C. MacNiven
- J. Kasten
- F. Champagne
- A. Dunne

Thank you all very much! <3

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Comments (51)

WHatever u say oh Goddess of music!!
No worries mate we're here to help ^_^
Just relax..everything will workout!

U could like make an album featuring ur top 10 songs and sell them!!
I mean alotta ppl do that and u'll get more money than measly donations!!
Think about it!

You'll probably get a better response if you put an &quot;Best Of ParagonX9&quot; album up on bandcamp and charge a small fee (or do pay-what-you-want).

but why in europe

Hmmmm... consider this I shall. :)

You should really start doing some work for games and other stuff freelance. You've got a name for your self and you've got the skills, I'm pretty sure you'd get on just fine

From what I've seen it seems the best way to make somewhat of a living from making music

Whatever you say Wikipedia

Only if you stop lying about your gender. :3

&lt;3 lurv.

Gast! Je kan via newgrounds geld verdienen via ads. Ga naar My account &gt; Ad Earnings en de rest zal duidelijk zijn ;)
Sterker nog ik weet zeker op die manier verdien je meer dan mij!

I Hate Donating. As New-Groundforme Sayed, Sell Your Top 10 Songs And Sell Them. Donating Is Just Paying A Dollar For No Reason.

As well-known as you are on this site, I find it really hard to believe that you haven't made any money off of ads or whatever. Have you activated the rev share thingy??

Why make a CD when its all free? Just make your own CD and donate some money. Pretty much the same thing

I have been listening to you music for years now. and while i wish i could donate and give you something. Alas i can't you know being under 18 and Paypal hating on the younger people

It really sucks that you're in the same boat that Celx Requin was, and I found someone whose games could cheer you up a bit: <a href="http://maelstormm.newgrounds.com">http://maelstormm.newgrounds.com</a>
By the way, have you ever considered trying your luck at flash again?

K. Don't you make money off of games and stuff your music is in? Perhaps get commissioned to do a soundtrack.

Two things I recommend doing:

1. Activating Newgrounds Ad Revenue Share

(<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/account/revenue/">http://www.newgrounds.com/account/rev enue/</a>)

2. Making a BandCamp account (it's free, and the pricing/share rate is so low (initially 15% of a sale goes to BandCamp), it's like you didn't lose a thing!):

<a href="http://bandcamp.com">http://bandcamp.com</a>

Hope these help you out! Best of luck with everything!! :-D


I WANT TO DONATE SOO BAD!! But I can hardly even make rent :[

For some reason, that link doesn't work.

MAN! I wish I could help out!

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