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Thank you~ (+New song) <3

Posted by ParagonX9 - March 3rd, 2012

Hi everyone!

I want to let you know that i recently bought a new notebook!
It's the cheapest notebook i could find that has an i7 core =D

I really would like to thank everyone for your donations.
Without you I would not be able to buy this notebook.
Thank you all very very much! I'm so lucky to have you guys.
I believe my best way to thank you, is to make new songs for you.
And ofcourse I will do so! My motivation to make new songs has grown
even stronger! There are still a few things to do/buy before i can
make new songs tho. But once i got it all settled, i can start working
on new superfreshhhhy things!.. =)

Thank you, tHank you very much!! &#9829;

I still have some old unfinished songs on my flash drive,
which i will upload @NG or @SC before i will submit a 'new' song.
Make sure you subscribe @YT, and hit the 'Like'-button on my @FB, to stay up-to-date
of all the new things =)

I have already uploaded one of my old unfinished songs on soundcloud =)



T. Taksar
A. Lindewall
E. D. Iversen
j. lin
M. Sachar
J. Ellenberger
J. Stahlecker
j. coffee
H. St-Onge
W. Stamper
J. Kennedy
J. Kasten
i. wiesner
f. alsaadi
A. R&#281;bacz
F. Champagne
C. MacNiven
A. Dunne
M. Green
P. M├Ąchler
C. Eggers

Comments (16)

(Lol first comment) Yay, new tracks :)

I know some of those real names and I'm glad the NG community (such as it is) could help out!
An Intel? U got hozed. Still, it beats nothing and I'm looking forward to being able to patronize you properly very soon!

Nice to hear some people helped you out! :)

Its great u got donations!!
Hav a happy life and we're always ther to support u in any way possible!
Cant wait for that new track ^__^

Wow, a lot of people donated; they really cared. That's good news.

And I'm certain to check that song out on SC.

Yay! ^_^ This is some splendid news, indeed! I'm glad so many people banded together to help you get a new computer. :)

Well, here's one long-time fan looking forward to listening to your next projects.

Just curious, but what else do you need to be all set with your new PC?

congrats on getting the new notebook, sorry I wasnt able to donate, things were just a bit tight for me, but it sounds like you're up and running.

Just noticed the Genre of the WIP. ;D

Glad to hear that you have a new notebook. Definitely looking foward to new work from you! You've been missed. Welcome back : )

what is the unfinished song called plz reply

I WOULD donate, but I'm outta cash myself. But hey, if I have any, some o' my funds'll get into your work!

At last we meet. I would like to say that i have been a fan of your work before i got the courage to create my account. Your music is inspiring, and i saw your only flash submissions. They were pretty good and i would like to make a suggestion. It would KNOCK MY SOCKS OFF if you created another one! Maybe you could use some of your music this time. It would make me proud. Blow me away, Paragon!
-Your fan,

Happy to see my name on the list. At first I was worried that my donation didn't go through! D:
But it did, and now one of my favorite artists of all time can get back to doing what she's great at! I wish you the best of luck in whatever comes your way ParagonX9! ^_^

STFU Avizura, you're spoiling everything!

Happy B-day JD! =]

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