Thank you~ (+New song) <3

2012-03-03 04:26:32 by ParagonX9

Hi everyone!

I want to let you know that i recently bought a new notebook!
It's the cheapest notebook i could find that has an i7 core =D

I really would like to thank everyone for your donations.
Without you I would not be able to buy this notebook.
Thank you all very very much! I'm so lucky to have you guys.
I believe my best way to thank you, is to make new songs for you.
And ofcourse I will do so! My motivation to make new songs has grown
even stronger! There are still a few things to do/buy before i can
make new songs tho. But once i got it all settled, i can start working
on new superfreshhhhy things!.. =)

Thank you, tHank you very much!! &#9829;

I still have some old unfinished songs on my flash drive,
which i will upload @NG or @SC before i will submit a 'new' song.
Make sure you subscribe @YT, and hit the 'Like'-button on my @FB, to stay up-to-date
of all the new things =)

I have already uploaded one of my old unfinished songs on soundcloud =)



T. Taksar
A. Lindewall
E. D. Iversen
j. lin
M. Sachar
J. Ellenberger
J. Stahlecker
j. coffee
H. St-Onge
W. Stamper
J. Kennedy
J. Kasten
i. wiesner
f. alsaadi
A. R&#281;bacz
F. Champagne
C. MacNiven
A. Dunne
M. Green
P. M├Ąchler
C. Eggers


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2012-03-03 05:30:50

(Lol first comment) Yay, new tracks :)


2012-03-03 05:31:41

I know some of those real names and I'm glad the NG community (such as it is) could help out!
An Intel? U got hozed. Still, it beats nothing and I'm looking forward to being able to patronize you properly very soon!


2012-03-03 06:52:38

Nice to hear some people helped you out! :)


2012-03-03 07:32:36

Its great u got donations!!
Hav a happy life and we're always ther to support u in any way possible!
Cant wait for that new track ^__^


2012-03-03 07:46:55

Wow, a lot of people donated; they really cared. That's good news.

And I'm certain to check that song out on SC.


2012-03-03 14:06:28

Yay! ^_^ This is some splendid news, indeed! I'm glad so many people banded together to help you get a new computer. :)

Well, here's one long-time fan looking forward to listening to your next projects.

Just curious, but what else do you need to be all set with your new PC?


2012-03-03 16:51:12

congrats on getting the new notebook, sorry I wasnt able to donate, things were just a bit tight for me, but it sounds like you're up and running.


2012-03-03 19:31:43

Just noticed the Genre of the WIP. ;D


2012-03-05 16:24:01

Glad to hear that you have a new notebook. Definitely looking foward to new work from you! You've been missed. Welcome back : )


2012-03-18 03:55:37

what is the unfinished song called plz reply


2012-03-20 18:49:39

I WOULD donate, but I'm outta cash myself. But hey, if I have any, some o' my funds'll get into your work!


2012-03-27 16:59:03

At last we meet. I would like to say that i have been a fan of your work before i got the courage to create my account. Your music is inspiring, and i saw your only flash submissions. They were pretty good and i would like to make a suggestion. It would KNOCK MY SOCKS OFF if you created another one! Maybe you could use some of your music this time. It would make me proud. Blow me away, Paragon!
-Your fan,


2012-04-06 15:07:20

Happy to see my name on the list. At first I was worried that my donation didn't go through! D:
But it did, and now one of my favorite artists of all time can get back to doing what she's great at! I wish you the best of luck in whatever comes your way ParagonX9! ^_^


2012-04-23 07:46:56

STFU Avizura, you're spoiling everything!


2012-04-30 08:27:51

Happy B-day JD! =]


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