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Wow this is amazing!

This is really amazing how the whole story of this movie is based on my song =D
I really love the way everything changed along the music sequence.
Really original, the graphics were nice too!
You're a very talented flash artist and I really hope you'll keep enjoying making
flashworks and become even better =]!

I'm very grateful to you that you've used one of my songs =]
And I wish you the best of luck with the contest!

Keep up the good work! (and thanks again <3)
(I know my english isnt that good haha)

- ParagonX9

monkokio responds:

It's truly a great honor to be appreciated by you. Your song was completely inspiring and this game wouldn't exist without it.

I'm glad we did well in the contest, too!
( your english is just fine )

- Monkokio


This game is so very close to sonic =D
Nice style on the graphics!
The controls feel very nice!
Love the Music!! ;)

Congrats with this one!!
Keep it up,
- ParagonX9


Finally a new submission Tom!
You always come with these kind of small addictive games. I like that!

I love that 'Apache' loop ; )

Well done!

Thanx Oxx...

LMAO! Hahaha!
OMFG, His head and his leg's fell off!! Hahah!
It's a very small piece of flash but it's good
enough to stay in the portal : )
And Tnx for using one of my loops!
Btw, I dunnow if I've allready told you but you have my permission to put my tracks on your site, and for the remix ; )

L8hurr men.. -Paragon

Fadeliss responds:

yea you told me ok. this thing was supposed to be blammed lol. oh well im working on your remix i just emailed you a question. n e ways thanks for review. I love all your work, in all my future submission ill probably be using your muzak.

Very good...

Definately one of the best Flashgames ever...
PLZ Make some more... Just make somenew levels or something... You allready have the basics...

Lol, It seems that no one can set a good record:


Well done man ;)

Hmmmm, Not your best I guess....

I've seen better flashworks of yours, But this one is not That bad....

OMG This is Awesome!

Woohoo!!! The graphics are Soooooo COOL!!!!
And i will keep playing this until I hear the music that I made! :)
(Thanks that you've used my music!)
Well done!

Dizimz responds:

thanx dude some people dont like this but hey I cant please everyone this was really made for all age groups that is probly why not every one likes it
any ways I am flattered by your review and I hope you keep up the good work on your music I downloaded all of it

NG-Music should return!

I Often download this Flash to Listen to the good old Portal-Music Remixes... :)
It Brings the old NG-Feeling Back!

I Hope that all NGMusic will return someday...

Well done but ...

Well done but the music that you've used is NOT from 'Remisser'...
But It's From ME... 'ParagonX9'...

Don't Belive Me?
Go to: 'audio-portal>VideoGame>The VG Pride'
Or Follow This Link: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/view.php?id=198486&sub=1094

Please Give credit to me...
The Song-ID=1094

Thanks, ParagonX9

scottmale24 responds:



Yo, Well Done Man!
But You Can make it Much Better If You Add Background-Music and some sounds!
Damn, I Can't Get Past Through The Last Level When The Blocks Are Dropping from above! ...

AcidDimensions responds:


I personally dislike incidental bgm, since you might as well let folk play their own music with these games.

Also, having a bleep each time you touched a skear turned out to be annoying.

However, I'll definitely try to include some sort of sound to the next game - music you make yourself.

Looks like a lot of folk got stuck on that bit... my bad. :(

Glad you enjoyed it regardless.


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