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Wow this is amazing!

This is really amazing how the whole story of this movie is based on my song =D
I really love the way everything changed along the music sequence.
Really original, the graphics were nice too!
You're a very talented flash artist and I really hope you'll keep enjoying making
flashworks and become even better =]!

I'm very grateful to you that you've used one of my songs =]
And I wish you the best of luck with the contest!

Keep up the good work! (and thanks again <3)
(I know my english isnt that good haha)

- ParagonX9

monkokio responds:

It's truly a great honor to be appreciated by you. Your song was completely inspiring and this game wouldn't exist without it.

I'm glad we did well in the contest, too!
( your english is just fine )

- Monkokio

Thanx Oxx...

LMAO! Hahaha!
OMFG, His head and his leg's fell off!! Hahah!
It's a very small piece of flash but it's good
enough to stay in the portal : )
And Tnx for using one of my loops!
Btw, I dunnow if I've allready told you but you have my permission to put my tracks on your site, and for the remix ; )

L8hurr men.. -Paragon

Fadeliss responds:

yea you told me ok. this thing was supposed to be blammed lol. oh well im working on your remix i just emailed you a question. n e ways thanks for review. I love all your work, in all my future submission ill probably be using your muzak.

OMG This is Awesome!

Woohoo!!! The graphics are Soooooo COOL!!!!
And i will keep playing this until I hear the music that I made! :)
(Thanks that you've used my music!)
Well done!

Dizimz responds:

thanx dude some people dont like this but hey I cant please everyone this was really made for all age groups that is probly why not every one likes it
any ways I am flattered by your review and I hope you keep up the good work on your music I downloaded all of it

Well done but ...

Well done but the music that you've used is NOT from 'Remisser'...
But It's From ME... 'ParagonX9'...

Don't Belive Me?
Go to: 'audio-portal>VideoGame>The VG Pride'
Or Follow This Link: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/view.php?id=198486&sub=1094

Please Give credit to me...
The Song-ID=1094

Thanks, ParagonX9

scottmale24 responds:



Yo, Well Done Man!
But You Can make it Much Better If You Add Background-Music and some sounds!
Damn, I Can't Get Past Through The Last Level When The Blocks Are Dropping from above! ...

AcidDimensions responds:


I personally dislike incidental bgm, since you might as well let folk play their own music with these games.

Also, having a bleep each time you touched a skear turned out to be annoying.

However, I'll definitely try to include some sort of sound to the next game - music you make yourself.

Looks like a lot of folk got stuck on that bit... my bad. :(

Glad you enjoyed it regardless.

Well Done...

Yo, Remember Me?
This is A Pretty Nice Game, Especially when You're Stoned... ;)
You know, All those Colors and stuff...
But Anywayz, Well Done! Good Luck With You Next FlashWork!

Centaura responds:

I remember you
Very good your portal.
I hope to see it grow.
See you


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