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Rucklo - EmoBitch (NoVox) Rucklo - EmoBitch (NoVox)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pretty good Rucklo =D

First off.. Congrat's on the #1 place of this
week's Top5! =]

The intro was pretty kool. I loved the filtered
bassline on the background =]
And the quick silence at :23 was really nice
to hear. And because of that the sound after
that pumped out much harder to your ears. =D

There was one thing that I didnt like.
And that was the long bass that started at 1:07
It was not really pleasant to hear because after
a few seconds it's almost like theres some sort
of thing buzzing around your ears.
This could've been fixed by using filtering FX
on it. And because of the constant heavy
frequency's in that bassline, the BassDrum of
the beat didnt pump that much as earlier in the
track. It also takes too much attention from the
listener's ear which causes that all the other
sounds are fading away to the background..

But for the rest it was really nice, and I hope
you'll keep submitting in the future =]

Nice work Rucklo!

Rucklo responds:

thanx. #1 is all BS imo, but it always attract a few extra listeners :)

This version of the song I was basicly trying out a few techniques for the subbass and the reece, and some was OK, some werent... The bassline that come in later on is from the original track, it pretty much sux... :) anyway, thanx alot for a detalied review with good tips, I´ll definitley remember them! That´s how a review should look :)
Keep an eye out for more DnB from me, I´m making a DnB "concept" as a school project. I´ll put the results right here on NG.

Groovetek - Last Christmas RMX Groovetek - Last Christmas RMX

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very nice remix =D

And yes, Groovetek really is my brother!
And im glad he submitted a free song to NG =]
If you submitted this abit earlier you could've
joined the NG X-mas audio contest :/
Oh well.. It's a very nice remix from one of the
best Xmas song ever :D

Nice work!

ParagonX9 Tribute (2) ParagonX9 Tribute (2)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very kool :D

Hmm this is a very nice tribute =]
I love the bassline :) It really gives a nice
videogame feeling for some reason,
which is exactly the thing i really like :D
SOunds very good n stuff. Some things that could
be changed maybe:

- I think there's abit overuse of the sawsynth
here, sounds flat, Could have some (filtering)FX
and maybe some more reverb/delay effects.
The sawsynth's sound like they are on a same
layer or something. Reverb/delay can bring
the sounds to multi dimensions.

hmm well that's I think the only thing that
could've changed. But for the rest it sounds
very amazing. Exactly the melody-style that I
like ;)

Well done!

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Zero Gravity -ac- (1m58s) Zero Gravity -ac- (1m58s)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Ahhh very nice! :D

You told me about this remix on the forums,
so I thought lemme check it out ^_^
I love the Amen break, and there are some nice FX in it. But beware of cutting off synths and loops immediately, Sometimes Crash Cymbals and reverb can give it a better sound. Couldve used soms more SoundFX. FX can be very important.
It's important that the listener can focus on different layers in the song. for example; 'If the listener is not focussing on the main melody or the drums, he should still be able to hear other sounds like Sound FX, Ambient strings, Acid lines or whatever.

Overall, this song sounds really great!
And thnx for remixing =)
You're good AC! ;) Keep it up man!


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AdmiralConquistador responds:

Haha, awesome! Now I think I've been reviewed by all the greats on NG. I'm so glad you thought my remix of your AMAZING song sounded great! I know what you mean, going back and listening to it, those abruptly cutoff loops don't sound to great, maybe a little reverb would have been better. And FX :)

Thanks for reviewing! I'm very flattered!


Karbon - Infection Karbon - Infection

Rated 5 / 5 stars


WTF KARBON!! Dude this souds very professional!
The quality is amazing! Hmm, I wonder where you got those samples from ;)
The beginning its sort of HipHop beat.. en then it
turns into pwng DNB!! Awesome bass & drums & FX and everything!! omg..

Damn, You made me jealous hahaha..

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Karbon responds:

Sorry i spelled your name wrong, lol. I'm just gunna call you JD.

I can't see you jealous of me, at all. Lol. Yeah, you know where i got those samples. :D

I like using hip hop beats in mix with my dnb, makes it stand out more. I'm flattered you think this sounds "Professional".

Two review from JD in the same day, you made my day sir. :P

Karbon - Anaconda Remix Karbon - Anaconda Remix

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great job Karbon!!

Ho0ly sjyt dude :D Awesome Remix!
I love the variations in the beat
Great job on the slow downs and 3step pieces ;)
Wind FX are very kool, Nice stereo sound in the Bass Synth =D

You're amazing Karbon ;)
Keep it up dude!
- PX9

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Karbon responds:

Wowee, another review from Jarmain!

Thanks alot, but what you need to do is bring us some new tunes. :)

Thanks for the comments.

Khuskan - Generic Menu Music Khuskan - Generic Menu Music

Rated 5 / 5 stars


API Referred me to this song of yours ;)
And I must say that it really gives that VG feeling HAHA! :D
Perfect music for 'Options' screen, or End Credits.. Or no wait.. just as a BG song when placing object in your house in 'The Sims' LOL!! :D

Excellent work Khuskan! ;)
Keep it up, JD

Khuskan responds:

You simply reviewing one of my tracks has completely made my day. Nay, year.

I would like to thank you, good sir, for inspiring me to get into reason in the first place. Without you, none of my 50 odd tracks would exist today.

Also, you spelt 'awesome' wrong :D

DJ Karbon - Star DJ Karbon - Star

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You are Awesome ^^

Dude your music sounds very good. And its so awesome that you make music like this on an age of 13! That's amazing!

This is a nice song, The sound is very clear!
Haha well done with the 3step piece, its really starting to get popular on NG now XD

Keep it up Karbon =) (+5)

- JD

Karbon responds:

Wohohooooo! Thanks alot JD! I never expected you'd give me a review. ;)

By the way, this is gunna be played on online radio! I'm stoked on that!

I seem to be making big progress. I'm glad that I started here on ng. Three years of producing is relly paying off.

Thank you all. And you too JD. ;)


-API- Greenlight -API- Greenlight

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Dude you are sooo amazing at DNB..
This song really reminds me of pendulum
especially in the first piece where the drums drop
in with that ambient stylish pitch-sliding synth. =D
I loved the 3-Step! Awesome sound on the bass..
Samples fitted perfectly together!
You are truly amazing!

Keep it up!
- JD

API responds:

Aww, thanks for the flattering review, JD. :D My next song is gonna have that Chaoz style... so you'll have to check it out :)

Thanks again for the review, man :)

-API- The Virus [Preview] -API- The Virus [Preview]

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Dude you're such an awesome DNB artist!
I really love your stuff, Keep up the god work!

-ParagonX9 (did I just missed an o?)

API responds:

Hahaha, god work. Of course. But that's a little bit more your job.

thanks for the review man :)