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API Referred me to this song of yours ;)
And I must say that it really gives that VG feeling HAHA! :D
Perfect music for 'Options' screen, or End Credits.. Or no wait.. just as a BG song when placing object in your house in 'The Sims' LOL!! :D

Excellent work Khuskan! ;)
Keep it up, JD

Khuskan responds:

You simply reviewing one of my tracks has completely made my day. Nay, year.

I would like to thank you, good sir, for inspiring me to get into reason in the first place. Without you, none of my 50 odd tracks would exist today.

Also, you spelt 'awesome' wrong :D


Dude you are sooo amazing at DNB..
This song really reminds me of pendulum
especially in the first piece where the drums drop
in with that ambient stylish pitch-sliding synth. =D
I loved the 3-Step! Awesome sound on the bass..
Samples fitted perfectly together!
You are truly amazing!

Keep it up!
- JD

apimusic responds:

Aww, thanks for the flattering review, JD. :D My next song is gonna have that Chaoz style... so you'll have to check it out :)

Thanks again for the review, man :)


Dude you're such an awesome DNB artist!
I really love your stuff, Keep up the god work!

-ParagonX9 (did I just missed an o?)

apimusic responds:

Hahaha, god work. Of course. But that's a little bit more your job.

thanks for the review man :)

Ahhh amazing :D

You know.. It's amazing that you mix songs from other NG audio artists together XD
Paragon vs. Dreamscaper ^^ really amazing ZB :D
moves from Battle to darkness.. it's like
entering the FinalBoss' lair after beating him .. or something XD

Keep it up^^5


ZeRo-BaSs responds:

Oy Paragon!
Thanks for your awesome review!!

Lol I used to call you Jermain..damn i was so wrong XD

ZeRo_BaSs!!!!! =D

You know im so glad that you're still here on newgrounds ^^
You know this sounded pretty cool! Loved the drums especially at the end! too bad it cuts off suddenly and low quality =/ .. But it sounds very kool~!
This gives me a sort of videogamefeeling somehow =D

Keep it up Zer0~
You got my 5!


Hahahaha omgtripmachine! XD

hahaha you know, this sounds Really crazy!
I think i never heared something crazy like this.. it's really TripMusic.. Pretty scary also!
If you would listen to this when you're alone in the darkness, you would probably go crazy..

Keep Up the good Work~

- ParagonX9

JonH2O responds:

hahaha. Bump it in your car. I know you want to.

Jeeze, I just listened to this song for the first time in like, 4 months. What the hell?!

All that random noise I had going on in the background was the first thing I did for the song.
Picture me at my computer jsut messing around with that oscilator for 6 minutes and 19 seconds.....Yup, that's JonH2o at work on his music...That was fun!

Thanks for the review. Nice hearing from ya. =)

Yeah.. miss the Dynamics ;)

"More Dynamic" is the opposite of "Compressed" ... It means more variation in the peak levels..
So yeah.. In case of your song Silence II, you could have make it more dynamic if you used a short decay on the synths, or less reverb and/or delay.. It's like all the synths are keeping the song at a constant volume..
But the melody sounds very nice! Try to stay away from basic FL samples tho ;)
Good job man, Keep up the good work!


Anima-Theory responds:

Wow, its an honor to be reviewed by you :P

Thanks, I'll work on those things

Thanks for the review

Amazing remix!

It seems that he gave you the right samples to make an awesome remix of this.. Sounds really professional! Reminds me alot of Special-D
Keep em coming API! your skills are amazing!

- JD

apimusic responds:

Thanks for the review JD! :) You're really awesome ;)


I loved the ambience of this song...
U used some very nice stereo panning which made this song very pleasant to listen to!
I loved it when the bassdrum dropped in.
The SoundFX goes perfect with all the other sounds ;) You chose the right combination of samples...

I hope to hear more from you soon!
Nice talent you have there ;)


NiDeCo responds:

Thank you, Paragon, for liking it and saying WHAT you like about it ;)
Reviews are always nice.

And just so everyone knows, NDC'Elements are 8 songs that are one story, you should listen them one after another when they're done.
This is the Intro, so it starts slow ;)
Next one, Earth, is gonna be uploaded in a day or two ;)


Nice nice...

I dont have much time to write a long review so ill just make it quick.

It sounds very koool :)
Reminds me abit of Poison, Battle of Honor and Double Damage =D

Very nice one zero ^_^

3.50 to 3.80. ; )


ZeRo-BaSs responds:

Thx Jermain,lets wait for the chart update


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