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Amen my brother...

OMG AMEN!! The most used DNB Break of all time...
Always adds life to the track and makes it sound also little more proffesional...
The line reminds me of 'SM64 - Koopa's Road' =)
Nice battletrack Zero...

Thanks for your vote, ParagonX9! You voted 5 for \*The Dragon Pathway*/, raising its score from 3.83 to 4.00.

Goodluck on your next one...
-Paragon (ChaozD) ; )

ZeRo-BaSs responds:

A 10 from the King of Dnb & f**king cool Battlethemes?!?!OMG I'm so happy :-)
Thx Jermain! ;)

Hey Synj...

Hehe, finally you submitted your tracks to ng ^_^ and im really proud of that..
This song is really nice for a videogame.
It's some sort of funny polka style which i haven't heared yet in the AudioPortal.
It also reminds me alot of Diddy Kong Racing on N64.
Great job Dan.


DanPaladin responds:

thanks Paragon. :) i dig your work, so this is an even more pleasant surprise.

Only loops hmm...

Hmm im not sure how im going to rate this.
Because what i think is that u only used premade things.

What I think how it was done:

- Recorded the Zelda theme from the NES.
- Used a chopped Live Drumloop.
- Then the Amen Loop drops in over the other drumloop.

Ofcourse im not telling that it sounds bad..
To be honestly, I like it.
But the thing is that i can do exactly the same in 5 minutes.

Gxp responds:

Now normally, I would accept something like this. Normally I take all constructive criticism. However to see that you have so much "Drum N' Bass" out but remain this ignorant, and a bigot, I say no, I'm calling you on your bullshit.

1. That is a synthesizer, I have already stated that. I sampled nothing.
2. Of course I chopped a drum loop. Using anything else can and will sound like a midi. A live drumset will always sound better and more natural together. Cut said loop into slices, then rearrange as you see fit. This is a basic of drum and bass sonny.
3. You astound me with your musical prowess that you could so easily identify the...oh wait I never used the amen loop dumbass. I used a cut up loop that I created.
That is the amen loop sped up to 180bpm.
This is my loop. They're both low quality on purpose, make your own damn loops.
Notice the difference? Obviously you couldnt before.

Signs point to "You couldnt make this in hours". Go back to the pretend world where you know what you're talking about.

Ok, but very easy to remake :S

It sounds pretty good and all but the thing is that as a musician I know how easy this was to make...

Breaks you've used:
- Dinky Break (Scotty)
- Amen+Samurai link
- Amen
(Names can be different in other samplepacks)

- A Saw Bass with Phase FX...

- Some sort of Dist Guitar...

- Some Scratchy Voice FX ...

"It's too easy to remake this" (Which is not good)
The biggest magic are in the Breaks that were used.

- If you make your own beats instead of using
pre-made loops it'll get more Original Sound.
And it's much more fun to make beats by yourself im telling you...

- Try using more synths and lots of crazy FX...

-* Go download some DNB Mixes and listen to them for a while, See for yourself.. trust me...

Good job anyways... :)
Hope these tips will help you alot...

Ineptitude responds:

i'm quite happy to get a review from you. i consider you and dreamscaper to be the top of the line here.

but i do beg to differ with you astute observations on how incredibly easy this was to make, and, seeing as how i am the one who made it, i believe that i have the upper hand. i'm not a little thirteen year-old churning out premade samples and breaks.

you're exactly correct on the bass and synth, which are a crappy phase bass and filtered guitar with distortion. impressive. they suck, i know.

but the breaks, though they may have been differently named samples, were a LOT of work. each series differing at all from the original break was mixed entirely by myself. i prefer this to making my own beats entirely, which i can do as well, simply because it gives it a cooler sound when the cymbals and reverb that are already in the loop cut off and on in the rearrangement process of breaking them down. someone noted goldie below, and i think it corresponds somewhat.

regardless, thank you for your tips and review. :)

Good job!

Nice one nice...
The intro is a bit too long but the mainpart is very kool :) A nice dark sound keep it up!

U've also used the Amen+Samurai link... (Also known as firefight)' ; P

Good job...

randomdude responds:

Thank u alot of ur stuff aint that bad Ither =)

Listen... Carefully... (Again)

First thing I have to say is:
Watch out on what you vote!
I know that you and your friends are constantly
voting my submissions down...

And explain this: "I wanna try and get loads of votes and reviews, but most people like that paragonx9's stuff which ain't even real D+B and they don't give any of my shit a chance."

If it's not DNB, then what is it??? Techno? bwahaha!
Like I said in my responses: "It's original stuff which is the closest to DNB"
It is DNB but enhanced for in flashmovies...
It's like a sub-genre.

If you think that I don't know anything of what 100% DNB sounds like then listen to my latest submissions: 'Airbass and Zero Gravity'...
I made them for you...
Airbass has a self-made beat...
Zero Gravity uses Amen break...
If you say those arent DNB then Ill review
down one of your next submissions by saying: 'it is YOU who don't know what DNB is... '
And don't you dare to give a low review on them this time!

Back to Track:

I heared the 909: Beat is ok..
Nice MC, a bit rushy but its ok...

Overall= OK

UMBUNGO responds:

Your wrong there.. me and my friends don't bother with audio submissions and shit on NG no more.

The tunes I voted down of urs.. were all the danger ahead tracks and Matrix... and i think there was one more.. because I frankly didn't like em. Too game music. On the other hand i listened to something of urs the other day which i think i gave a 5/5 which u called er... Zero Gravity. That was alot better, a tad short and needed a lil more to it, so in review woulda only got a 9/10 but i haven't bothered with that yet.

Fact of the matter i saw those tunes as either rip offs/game music, or T+B without the bass

I will listen to the Airbass one too and i will write you up a review for your Zero Gravity Track cos I did like that one.

Nice work

I'm not sure, but this is probably the first
audio-loop in the AP (Since it's ID# is 1)
So I just have to give it a review.

'Chilled' is the right title for this loop.
But the thing is that this is not techno,
It's more like Ambient or Jungle...
It could have been much longer.. or at least
if u submit a very short loop like this one
I suggest that u submit it in .wav ...
Because tracks like this one are made to loop
Continusly... An MP3 doesn't loop properly,
a .Wav does... However, the filesize of .wav
is much bigger than .MP3 but are very useful
for very short loops ;)

Nice work man!


Nice Club track ;)

The fun fact of this loop is that the ID# of
it is 1337 ... LOL (Ju lucky bashtard!:)

Anyways, It is a very nice Clubtrack and I also
like it because there aren't many of these
tracks around here in the Audioportal.

Well done dewd, Keep submitting!


Yaahhh.. Great! :D

Hah awesome man! it has very smooth quality synths. awesome tribal style. Good use of Panning here! :) Well done!


Awesome VG style!

Yeahhhhh.... I liked the 'Olskool VG style of the synths. It really gives me a warm 16-Bit feeling. Well Done! (Hey, you use FL don't you?)

- ParagonX9


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