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OMG, it's Oi!! Yeah man it's short but awesome
man! Khool MC:D Keep 'em coming Erea_D-MC!

Yaah!!! This is great!!!

Hey you did a great job on this one! I'm going to use this one in TOAI3!

Keep makin' those loops!

Later, ParagonX9

staticnoise responds:

ditto Paragon, you rock!

Yeah! It's Coooollll.....

The short version had a 9 for overallscore, this one is much longer than the first so I give this one a 10! :) GREAT JOB!

Yeah! It's Coooollll.....

Yeah, It sounds really awesome man!
That synth is great! kinda reminds me a bit of
'DJ Sakin's Nomansland'...
Yes, the only bad thing is that the Originality has a six because there was already an
Icecap Trancemix in the house... But that didn't really affect the Overallscore much.

Well Done!
Hey, I really wonder wich Music-Program u use for your music, and do you have your own studio?

Greets, ParagonX9

Yes it's great!

You know, some people just don't understand why your songs are so speedy; I think that this also affects the scores. But it's actually very smart of you to speed up the loops...
>It Really compresses the audio filesize by about 2x(Depends on the pitch rating)!!!<
But the problem is that most users don't even have a wave editor (Like Soundforge),Heh their problem... ;)
I like this song, really! but ofcourse the originality dropped to 4 because it's actually a remake of the original... But you get an 8 Anyways! ;)

Hey BTW: Aren't you the one that makes Midi's on VGMusic?

Later, ParagonX9

Joseph-Collins responds:

Wow. I really need to look at my reviews once in a while.

I'd be that same Joseph "Tek Fox" "David" Collins, yes. And actually, I had speed issues way back then due to...SOME weird thing with how my MP3s were compressed, I believe. I'm not altogether sure if that's still happening with my older entries, but I'm guessing not.

Thanks for your review!

Well done!

This is definately my favorite Gusto00-Loop!
The Bass of the loop is sooooo Hard, Heavy and Deep! The beat is awesome, nice warm synth...
But it's pretty short...
(You should submit more of these kind of loops) ...Well Done!

Laytrrzzz, ParagonX9 ^_^

Yo Gusto!

Hey, It has been a while ago since you've submitted a loop to the audio-Portal! :)

Yes, This one sounds a littleweird but it's pretty cool! I like your loops, They all sound very Proffesional! Keep Submitting them!

Later, ParagonX9

Gusto responds:

thanks a lot dood :D

Awesome Matrix Steelow!

Yes, This one is awesome.
A very cool Matrix style song!

There's only a bit too much clipping in the loop when the beat drops in. And it looks like the beat is going a littlebit out of the line at the end... But it's still cool! Well done!

Greetz, ParagonX9


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