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ParagonX9's News

Posted by ParagonX9 - October 14th, 2021

Metropolis (8-bit) is now live on Spotify



Also please consider voting for Chaoz Fantasy here:

Chaoz Fantasy for President

(Just click the vote button under Chaoz Fantasy)

Thanks you 🥲



Posted by ParagonX9 - September 28th, 2021

Chaoz Airflow is now available on Spotify!

Please follow me on spotify to stay up to date with new releases.


Also please consider voting for Chaoz Airflow on Distrokid

if you have some sparetime :)


Thanks for all the love!

Thank you ❤️ 🆖



Posted by ParagonX9 - September 21st, 2021

Glad to announce that Chaoz Fantasy is now (finally) available on Spotify! Make sure to follow me there to stay up to date with new releases. 

Thanks for all the love and support ❤️




Posted by ParagonX9 - June 4th, 2020

Uploaded an old unfinished beta version of Chaoz Fantasy on Soundcloud:


The past few years have been kinda rough; each and everytime whenever I tried to make something it just made me feel garbage for no reason. I'm very very sorry for my disappearance, I pretty much had to press the escape button and forget about it for a while, knowing or hoping that the fun and joy of making music would come back to me some day in the future.

Reading all your lovely comments on my posts or songs every now and then really helped me to get through the hardest of times, and I want to thank you guys for that, from the bottom of my heart ❤️

I'm sloooowly starting to enjoy making music again now finally. I can't promise anything but if I ever manage to finish a new song, ofcourse Newgrounds will be the place that gets to hear it first!

I'm often active on Twitter nowadays, posting and retweeting stuff (Mostly Smash related, but hopefully soon more music related aswell) If you guys wanna follow me you can do so here, but keep in mind that I won't be able to respond to all messages, I will ofcourse Read them all, and Like and RT as much as I can: Twitter.com/ParagonX9_

(It's kinda a shame that I havent been verified by Twitter yet, but maybe I shouldve joined twitter while I was still active making songs, but it is what it is)

Thanks for your love and support,

Sorry for the long post, my next one will be shorter, I promise :)

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Posted by ParagonX9 - April 1st, 2020




Posted by ParagonX9 - May 21st, 2012

ParagonX9 - Chaoz Fantasy (8-Bit)

Made this 8-bit version a while ago on my parent's computer in Famitracker.
I had to remake the song by ear from my original version because i didn't
have the tools to do it by midi. And besides, doing remakes by ear is way more fun
than simply just take a midi file and assign different samples to it.
All my remixes are done by ear, in case you were wondering.

I wasn't thinking of uploading it here because i was afraid people
would think that an 8-bit version sounds 'cheesy'.
But a few fans requested me to upload it on Newgrounds anyway.
So here it is =]

Thanks! =]

ParagonX9 - Chaoz Fantasy (8-Bit)


Posted by ParagonX9 - April 30th, 2012


http://soundcloud.com/paragonx9/sets/4-unfinishe d-songs-recovered/

I tried to make a new song before 1st of May, but i failed.
I still need some more time to get that chaoz sound in Cubase.
I think you all have been waiting for too long now, so I tried to
recover some of my unfinished songs from my old harddrive!

I have uploaded 4 new (old) unfinished songs. I believe some of
them are from almost 3 years ago, never had the inspiration/time to finish or upload them.
The unfinished/untitled songs are not being uploaded at Newgrounds.
- I just don't want to spam NG too much with unfinished things =)

Thank you for all the comments/support!


Posted by ParagonX9 - March 3rd, 2012

Hi everyone!

I want to let you know that i recently bought a new notebook!
It's the cheapest notebook i could find that has an i7 core =D

I really would like to thank everyone for your donations.
Without you I would not be able to buy this notebook.
Thank you all very very much! I'm so lucky to have you guys.
I believe my best way to thank you, is to make new songs for you.
And ofcourse I will do so! My motivation to make new songs has grown
even stronger! There are still a few things to do/buy before i can
make new songs tho. But once i got it all settled, i can start working
on new superfreshhhhy things!.. =)

Thank you, tHank you very much!! ♥

I still have some old unfinished songs on my flash drive,
which i will upload @NG or @SC before i will submit a 'new' song.
Make sure you subscribe @YT, and hit the 'Like'-button on my @FB, to stay up-to-date
of all the new things =)

I have already uploaded one of my old unfinished songs on soundcloud =)



T. Taksar
A. Lindewall
E. D. Iversen
j. lin
M. Sachar
J. Ellenberger
J. Stahlecker
j. coffee
H. St-Onge
W. Stamper
J. Kennedy
J. Kasten
i. wiesner
f. alsaadi
A. Rębacz
F. Champagne
C. MacNiven
A. Dunne
M. Green
P. Mächler
C. Eggers

Posted by ParagonX9 - January 30th, 2012

Hi everyone! I have a little request.
I have been providing free downloadable music for almost 10 years now already.
Millions of listens, thousands of fans. 0,00$ earned from all the downloads.
I never made music to earn money tho. I just want to bring you
something cool to listen to. But Im starting to get a bit of financial pain,
of all the time and efforts i spent on making free downloadable music.
And I thought that maybe you guys could help me out.
Please, if you can, make a paypal donation by clicking the link below,
and follow further instructions. I can really, really use some financial support..


Thank you very much! <3

Forgot to say that the donation will also help me getting a new PC.
My PC broke again a few days ago. I'm now using my parents pc again
which is not able to run the music software i need to make new songs.

I would like to thank the people that have made a donation.
I'm really lucky to have you guys! Thank you very much!

People that have donated:
- i. wiesner
- f. alsaadi
- M. Green
- P. Mächler
- C. Eggers
- A. R%u0119bacz
- C. MacNiven
- J. Kasten
- F. Champagne
- A. Dunne

Thank you all very much! <3

ParagonX9 @Facebook
ParagonX9 @Soundcloud
ParagonX9 @Youtube

Posted by ParagonX9 - January 4th, 2012

= ParagonX9 - Red_13 =

Hi everyone!

Wish you all the best for this year!
To celebrate the new 2012, i decided to submit this new song. 'Red_13'
A Chaoz'ish videogame song, and ofcourse inspired by many games i've played.
(TLoZ, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Bowser's Inside Story,
Kingdom Hearts, FF, and many more..) It's my first submission for this year,
and i think it's a nice song to give this new year a good start.
This song loops for almost 8 minutes long,
so you don't need to replay the song over and over again =)

I hope you like this new song. Thank you all for the support! =D


ParagonX9 @ Facebook
ParagonX9 @ SoundCloud
ParagonX9 @ Youtube